Whether water purifiharmful

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   water purification machine is harmful to the body? Many people worry about this problem. Xiao Bian think proper use is no problem.




According to the latest survey shows that the authority of the health sector, we are 70% -80% of human disease is directly related to water. That our long-term drinking pure water science? Water purification machine is harmful to the body?


long-term drinking pure water, okay


Water is a human survival in the six nutrients most important one , minerals and trace elements in water is critical to human health. Life Power and Water Resources Research Center, Professor Jin Riguang Beijing University of Chemical Technology said: "Water for the origin of life and plays an important role in the life of the continuation of the process, in this sense, we can not say that water is used to quench their thirst, far-reaching water is to maintain human health extend life. "people in the choice of drinking water, but should focus on whether there is conducive to health, whether pure water is conducive to health? national development and Reform Commission public nutrition and development Center, Dr. Cai Wei in the" 2005 China drinking water industry Forum "at the meeting stressed that the" pure water has a strong dissolution of minerals, trace elements ability, a lot of people after drinking pure water, the existing body of trace elements, nutrients and nutrients will dissolve quickly in purified water, and then out of the body, makes the body of nutrients out of balance, the deficit appears healthy, is not conducive to good health.


Reverse osmosis is currently recognized as the worlds safest, most scientific of water treatment technology, by water out of the reverse osmosis membrane is substantially pure, that only water molecules, it is the most secure, it is also called pure water reverse osmosis machine. ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis filtration accuracy inferior tight, not out of the water, as ultrafiltration membrane pore size is larger than the number of reverse osmosis, so some manufacturers to promote ultrafiltration water purifier is reserved mineral water purifier, in fact, is evasive, since it is not pure water, so the water could have a diameter of less than super bacterial membrane pore size, viruses, chemical contamination exists, of course, there may be some elements beneficial to humans, but in the current environment, water, security is difficult to guarantee, why talk about health? I think that it reverse osmosis water purifier is better. in addition to the above two techniques of water purification machines belong to the microfiltration, is certainly not drink straight.


the current standard water industry, water purification configuration

   [123 ] first stage: PP cotton role: large filterContaminant particles


   Second stage: granular activated carbon GAC, effects: chemical pollutants adsorption of


   Third stage: sintered activated carbon CTO, action: further adsorption of chemical contaminants [ 123]

fourth stage: the RO reverse osmosis membrane / ultrafiltration membrane, effect: contaminants trapped before three untreated


fifth stage: activated carbon post T33, effect: improved water / clean water taste


in summary, the water purifier can be used, pure water is drinkable, but pure water, which contains few minerals, compared with the water content is quite low. You usually can drink pure water, but you can also drink mineral water.


through these presentations, I am sure you know whether the water purifier harmful to the body of knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask: home water purifier it is necessary to install small advice you should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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