6 step teaches you how to achieve healthy drinking war

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want scientific, safe drinking water, to do at least the following six steps:


1 Do not superstitious "In the Mood" drinks. Water is water, water is used to quench their thirst, do not be confused by too many tricks, try to choose high-quality water, such as water, mineral water, purified water, light tea, natural fruit juice, vegetable juice.


tell you a little trick, water in the disinfection process, it may be some residual bleach. In order to avoid impacts on water quality, I suggest that you open or just getting water fast, the lid is opened, and then let it continue to burn two or three minutes so that you can encourage some bleach by-products, there are some harmful substances evaporate .


2. Avoid secondary pollution of tap water faucet. The selection of faucets, suggest that you should pay attention to the problem of excessive lead. Brass faucet possibility of excessive lead larger, recommend the best selection of stainless steel.


morning, we should put some water in the water and then flush the toilet, after grooming before you can boil water to drink. Now, the higher the more repair the house, a lot of high-rise buildings are "secondary water" (water supply to households through high-level water tank), is more likely than the "first water" there is contamination. In this case, you can also install a qualified water purifier; the habit of drinking bottled water in the home, do not be cheap to buy.


Some people are used to in the summer, buy boxes of bottled water, put the car in the trunk, but bottled water long-term exposure to the sun may cause some of the substances released into the packaged bottle of drinking water is not recommended this way. In addition, to try to open a bottle of water after drinking, do not drink every few days, because after opening, a lot of bacteria in the mouth that people will be attached to the bottle, it is easy to breed bacteria at room temperature.


3. Preferably drinking from a glass or heat-resistant plastic cup. Some plastic cups will pungent taste after tea, which is very poor quality container, we can not hold such a cup of hot water. When using ceramic cup, preferably selected from the qualities, particularly the liner, there is not printing. Now many manufacturers to attract customers, especially children, will be printed many flowers or cartoon images are painted by underglaze color technology, these color there may be a problem of residual lead, bad for your health. Stainless steel cup water storage time not too long, especially when the pH of the beverage to drink, do not use stainless steel cup.


4. The appropriate amount of water, can be put can receive. Generally, adults drank 6-8 cups on the line, we recommend must be more than 1200 ml, 2000 ml drink no problem, water intake should be decided according to their physical condition, environment and activity level.


physical demand for water varies, with particular attention to urge the elderly and children to replenish moisture. Because the older people, of thirst is not sensitive, the elderly rarely take the initiative to drink water, but suggested that the elderly must develop the habit of drinking ranged thirst. And the kids played too invested, sweating drink do not know, then, parents must let him drink the timing, form good habits.


5. Thirst not to drink, a few times. Do not binge drinking, a greater amount of drinking water, the lower the bodys absorption and utilization of water. We should take the initiative to develop the habit of drinking, can respectively after getting up in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed to drink water.


recommend getting up early in the morning to drink a glass of water, one day early morning is the best time of replenishment. If you want to lose weight, a little control appetite, it is recommended a glass of water before a meal. Meal, you can also eat a small amount of soup, especially the elderly poor chewing function, a little drink Tangdui Jian Kang Youyi. There are a lot of friends like walking, brisk walking, jogging and other sports, 30 minutes before exercise can drink some water and then go out and drink less than half a bottle of water or 100-150 ml of water, can increase the bodys cooling capacity to maintain body temperature constant. If the motion unbearable thirst, you can drink a few saliva at rest. Further, the amount may be half an hour before drinking.


6. To a suitable temperature, to the right time. The best drinking water temperature is 18-45 degrees Celsius. Some people like to drink boiled water, just brew a tea to drink slowly, in fact, hot water can damage the digestive tract, oral mucosa, teeth will be damaged. Long-term drinking hot water and eat hot food, the incidence of esophageal cancer will increase. There is also a reverse situation, when summer hot weather, many people like to drink iced town, feel refreshing drink special, but after a long drink drink, gastrointestinal local vasoconstriction badly, easily abdominal pain, diarrhea and even .

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