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   water purifier, the kitchen has become the "star product." Enablers as well as the creator of quality of life, water purifiers in recent years played an important role in the mass daily life. Especially with the increasing water pollution, people attach great importance to quality and safety, consumption upgrade blessing, etc., water purifier more powerful energy burst out. Among these, the outstanding water purification products is fierce competition will emerge.

   For example, in the "Golden September and Silver October," the sales season, Angel on the surrender of a dazzling report card. Just past the "915 Kitchen Water Safety Day" Angel exceeded 50 million in sales in the United States national platform, refresh sales record single channel single event. The Angel versatile kitchen water purifier, has become the backbone of this sales record. Notice, this product has just formally launched in August. So, in such a short period of time, water purifiers why the Almighty Angel kitchen can become a new generation of "red water purifier net"? Its popular, but also to show how the water purification industry with new consumer trends?

   [123 ] 瀹夊悏灏斿噣姘村櫒 fit consumer pain point in the future a huge market space

   water purifier, now has become the standard home / consumer appliances. More and more families are water purifier into the "quality of life must buy list" in the. The water purifier has been able to render the cause of the rapid development momentum, mainly in two aspects.

   On the one hand, serious water pollution problems. From a global perspective, whether it is Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries and regions, China or other developing countries and regions, there is a certain degree of water pollution. This is because, causing industrial, agricultural and domestic waste pollution of water sources, groundwater economic development. Even developed countries and regions adopt a higher standard of tap water, but water pollution is such that water quality continues to drop.

   According to the World Health Organization reported that there was tap water containing harmful reached 756 kinds, of which 20 kinds of carcinogenic confirmed, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, 18 kinds of cancer-promoting aid, 47 kinds of mutagens, and the organics antivirus and other traditional chlorine process can not be effectively removed. Long-term consumption of contaminated water, can lead to poor physical fitness, natural immunity weakened, slowly lead to kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, leukemia, cancer and so on. The severity of the pollution problem has aroused strong public concern and seek solutions. This can make water purification water purifier, the public has become the product of choice.

   On the other hand, in the context of consumption upgrade, the public increasingly focus on water quality and safety. Upgrade public consumption to bring about change in consumer attitudes, the guide price to upgrade from a single rational, healthy, new consumer quality type. It was under the guidance of new consumer attitudes, most people can improve the quality of life of the "source of life" - safety of the water seriously. As a representative of healthy water purifier appliances, naturally favored by the public.

鍏ㄥ眿鍑€姘? src= and Angel as one of the water purification industry leader, many years ago it has insight into industry trends. In 1988, it developed the first Angel water purifier, then become participants in a net water industry to develop national standards. Angel introduced the all-around kitchen water purifier and a variety of water purification products, all in effort to meet the demands of the peoples quality of life. Further, step by step, Angel push forward to accelerate the water purification industry forward.

   From the development trend of water purification industry perspective, the outlook remains very bright. According to world-renowned market research company GfK released data show that in 2013 China water purifier using penetration accounted for only 13%, in 2017 this figure increased to 20%, by 2020, Chinese penetration of water purifiers use up to 35%. However, benchmarking in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and other mature markets up more than 70% penetration, the future development potential of China water purifier is still great. It is foreseeable that in order to Angel as the representative of the water purifier business promotion, will further accelerate the penetration, huge market space for future water purifier.

   unique features popular, Angel versatile kitchen water purifier to meet the needs of multi-scene

   as a water purifier to improve the living conditions of the masses of water treatment equipment, market prospects and potential of self-evident. But in the process of moving forward in the water purification industry, there have been some problems.

   where the main problem is serious homogeneity. Because the hot water purification industry in the first half of this year compared to the 2018 line of small water purifier brand new 89 line of new entrants in the market to 20 the number of brands. But a lot of water purifier brand not the core technology, can only lead to innovation in terms of appearance, capacity and so on. This not only affects consumer choice, more difficult to meet their growing needs.

   and all-around kitchen water purifier hot, in fact, lies Angel keenly aware of the new demands of consumers, and developed unique features. Such asIn addition to todays consumers directly pay special attention to drinking water, but also for kitchen water has a higher requirement. This is because the non-purified water in the kitchen, often contains rust, sand micro fine mud, microorganisms, chlorine and other impurities and even bacteria. When these dishes with some even unpurified water wash rice, vegetables, some microbes and germs remain on the ingredients, utensils, may slowly erode the health of consumers.

   As versatile kitchen water purifier, Angel versatile kitchen for drinking water purifier, vegetables, wash rice, dishes and the like, all the kitchen water purification. This is mainly that Angel versatile kitchen water purifier has a large, two small taps. The two taps comprising two water quality, water quality can be divided. Among them, a large faucet tap water faucet, can provide clean water. Small leading straight drinking fountains, providing drinking water. Big lead with a small faucet to drink, let the clean water, drinking water best of both worlds.

鍑€姘村櫒 Finally, with unique features, Angel versatile kitchen water purifier become a versatile. 7 large common kitchen scene - straight drink, brewed into tea, soup, washing dishes, wash rice, wash fruits and vegetables, wash, are within the scope of the Angel purification kitchen water purifier of the Almighty. To solve the traditional kitchen water of "pain" Angel versatile kitchen water purifier, not only stop shop to meet the needs of multi-scene, but also to improve peoples overall quality of life, and therefore all-around kitchen water purifier Angel by consumers of all ages will fall into place .

   to technical victory! Angel showing off their heritage

   Angel versatile kitchen water purifier best-selling products in addition to their excellent strength, but also based on the Angels own brand image and technology accumulation. With over 30 years of accumulation and strong heritage of innovation in water purification technologies, and Angel continue to drive the brand, full optimization and upgrading technology. At the same time, being a veteran Angel water purifier enterprises, has been dedicated service to consumers, with the tide of the water purification industry upgrade the quality of the fit.

   In order to create Angel water purifier of this versatile kitchen full of competitive products, the Angel through a lot of market research, analysis and different consumer habits and all-weather water environment, water and found that the kitchen is the most frequent consumers scenes to be used. To this end, Angel put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and ultimately developed the "full effect film," the core technology in its own profound technical basis. Equipped with the core technology, allowing Angel versatile kitchen water purifier to provide consumers with a divisional scene drinkWater solutions.

鍑€姘村櫒鍝佺墝 in the field of water purification, we require a steady stream of technological innovation, to provide health and safety of drinking water, water for the environment. Angel innovation and development of the "full effect film" reverse osmosis membrane technology to break the technical barriers, not only further increase the filtering effect, also adhering to environmental protection, the development of the concept of recycling. Angel in full effect membrane technology expert review meeting held in April this year, experts have always thought that "the whole effect is more secure than traditional membrane filter membrane, is more stable."

   reported that the "full effect film" contains a variety of core technologies are the industrys first, subversive, epoch-making significance in the water purification industry. In the "full effect membrane" technology by experts highly recognized and affirmed at the same time, promote the development of independent innovation Angel water purification industry. Angel Kitchen all-round selling water purifier, it is strong evidence of this. It is foreseeable that in order to meet consumers seeking health, quality of life, the future will continue to fight Angel.

   Written in the last: In the continuing efforts of Angel, kitchen water purifier to become all-round selling "net red water purifiers." In fact, Angel Kitchen all-round selling water purifier has also brought new ideas to the front line of water purification industry. That is driven by technological innovation, future consumer trends towards the water purifier will be fine, personalized, scene direction. Meanwhile, the brand value of the water purifier will also be further highlighted.

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