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   Under severe environmental pollution, an occasion to develop my countrys environmental protection industry, the environment began to rise in the electrical market. Water purification products as an important category of environmental appliances also entered a golden period of development, water purification system solutions demand highlights.


   Orville cloud network (AVC) predicted that by 2018 water purifier market will reach 32.9 billion yuan.

   Chinese Academy of household appliances Mr. Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer, said the latest revision of the water purifier on the "Standardization Law" will be held in January 2018 No. 1 implementation, the implementation of the standards, the water purification industry It will be more standardized and orderly development. For the industry the strength and size of enterprises to create a better development opportunities.

   For this reason, 3M China filtration and separation products Division General Manager Mr. Song Wei introduced, 3M company has more than 360 professional filtration patents, has been on many water quality analysis based on water quality situation in China, for different regions water quality to provide some solutions.

   Today, Chinese consumer demand for clean water, the water quality from the water initially have no idea of 鈥嬧€媍lean water, to produce water we drink this sense of hope that security, is the safer, healthier and even better to drink water made new demands to enhance the entire drinking experience. Not only is there the need for clean water, but also including drink teas and coffees, including differences beverages for water have needs.

   for such a demand, Song Wei said: "We are 3M water purifier brand is a technology-based company, the biggest advantage is that R & D, in China there are four technology centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Chengdu .3M drinking water is not only to focus on this one, we have a whole house water purification solutions, from home filtration system throughout the house, to the domestic water softening system, to break machine to solve the water needs of the entire home. "

   industry experts said that with the growing awareness of peoples health, consumers are very focused on high-tech-life experience to bring high-quality, water purifiers has become a lot essential household products, whole house water purification demand is gradually taking shape, whole house water purification program in the future will become the new trend of development, will be more and more user attention.

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