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  What makes a good faucet water filter - faucet water filter which is good Published: at 16:23 on September 30, 2017 Hits: 53 Today serious problems of water pollution, clean water, seemingly in fact a lot of hidden bacteria and impurities If you want to improve water quality, you can use a water filter, faucet water filter select few of people. But now the market faucet water filter brand has a lot of variety, so the face of these brands to choose pieces of children is a difficult thing. So in the end what brand of faucet water filter should I do? 2020-06-05 Xiaobian to recommend a very good brand of faucet water filter for your understanding. charm still MX-A2 leading water purifier is now serious environmental pollution affecting water security, "bleach odor" tap water; the smell of rust generated; a kind of scale of large particles of impurities, not only bad for your health but also affect the taste. Charm still MX-A2 seven tap water purifier using a high-precision filter, ceramic filter can be cleaned, convenient, transparent window, filter status at a glance. Apart from compact yet powerful, very worthy of consideration.

Product Highlights:


1, ABS food-grade materials, safety and health, atmospheric fashion;


2, heavily filtered; addition to chlorine, sediment, rust, viruses, bacteria;


3, a ceramic filter, can be repeatedly cleaned using!


4, simple installation, trap with universal plug and play, ordinary household tap water can be used.

   mounting step (three-step installation, saving time and effort): 1, (endo) Remove the external thread at the outlet faucet filter - into the silicone ring with a key tightened - the mounting nut 2 is screwed into the host, without threaded faucet fitting is screwed to the appropriate size - with a key ring to silica gel tightened - the mounting nut is screwed into the host

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   description: Mid-Autumn Festival to send health, three new water purifier you pick any

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