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   HC purification heard a lot of friends Tucao network, home faucet outflow of water from time to time will be yellow, red, ecstasy can smell the taste of disinfectant; if the water again after without water, you can see full of rust and sand sediment, we must continue to put put ah, ah, etc. and so on, water will slowly become transparent.



   So, as long as you are not put up that water is clean? Why tap water will change color? Why taste? Drank so many years, "color, flavor and taste of the water, you really have to seriously thought about it

   water:? Although the water plants water in line with national standards, in addition to containing chlorine, but substantially free of other harmful substances. But the water from the water out, do not know how much of the pipeline through the door before entering your home, these pipes every minute older than you, so, it seems crystal clear water is actually not so simple.

   boil water: Do not think the water would boil the peace of mind, such as high temperature and heavy metal residues no effect, water still belongs to hard water, so you will see a kettle with a long time, there is always a thick bottom scale, excellent drinking water, there is a danger may cause stones.

   Bottled Water: Some people say that I buy bottled water is not finished yet you know the health hazards of bottled water a lot, if you do not finish soon, soon become bacterial breeding?? Paradise, changing the water every time you see a bubble that Gudonggudong, that is the air of bacteria in the water to dissolve it

   mineral water:! Tyrant might say: "I usually drink water, soup are using ** of spring. "Well, rich people saying we do not argue, anyway, the money can be capricious.

   water, but off: the moment frequent water pollution, despite water plant commonly used chlorine disinfection uniform, but in the process, chlorine were not necessarily meet the standard, so you may smell a smell disinfection. And we both can not control water pollution, it can not supervise the process water treatment plant is a "powerless."

   pipeline "possession" amazing: Most water transport pipeline fell into disrepair, the old faucet with a variety of bacteria and accumulation of toxic metals, if you have the courage to open their own water, you will seeCorrosion, fouling seriously wall, far better than the toilet also dirty, felt dirty straw with a constantly absorbing water, you can drink you under severe

   secondary pollution:? I believe that many households are currently no witnessed own internal tank floor, if not year-round community pool cleaning, disinfecting or not capped properly, the water tank is easy to breed harmful algae, and even dead rats, pests and other bodies floating condition occurs, people simply want every minute spit rhythm.

   with the naked eye: Qualified water colorless, odorless, transparent glass with a full glass of water then, to the light color is abnormal or cloudiness was observed, the presence or absence of suspended matter, smells no smell; After 3 hours standing, bottom of the cup there is no precipitate was observed. If you have the above, your homes water really do not fly.

   with tap water to make tea: ordinary people have tea at home, you can try using tap water to make tea, whether black tea was observed overnight after dark then the tap water containing iron, manganese seriously overweight?. In addition, if the homes water heater, kettle inner wall of a layer of yellow dirt, also shows your home water hardness is too high.

   using the paper / reagent test PH value: If you want to know their own tap water is acidic or alkaline PH test paper can be purchased averaging a plurality of measurements, the color rendering thereof is determined in accordance with its pH. In general, drinking water PH standard should be maintained at between 6.5 and 8.5, consistent with health needs.

   1, pre-filter: prefilter mounted precipitated impurities and bacteria, microbes and other particulate impurities distal water pipes, pipes to intercept generated; it is because of the prefilter filters the first track, improve water quality throughout the house, other water purification equipment in order to more finely purify water, the water becomes pure water can be directly referenced.


   2, whole house water purifier center (center): Central whole house water purifier is to install the main water inlet pipe, its purification process, more accurately, more filter depth filtration larger amount, rust can filter out sediment, suspended solids, algae, organic molecules and other harmful substances in the water may be contained. Have such a good filtering effect, you naturally want to spend more money, but also to set aside a special installation space Oh.

   3, water purifier terminals: this is, we often say that the water purifier, the water contained in the terminal, the prefilter to filter out water and filtered once, can be treated as drinking water or tap waterWater purifiers, small size does not account for local, easy installation. In general, there are divided into common water purifier ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and the RO water softener, etc., but they are relatively small amount of water, and require periodic replacement cartridge.

   4, independent water purification equipment: If the budget is tight, you can also buy some of the more simple water purification equipment to improve the water quality at home, such as net kettle, water cup, but these devices either from water purification accuracy or net amount of water, it is far less than the water purifier and filter.

   1, according to water quality select

   in heavily polluted industrial city, users want to achieve water drink straight, reverse osmosis is most appropriate;

   of water quality and taste more demanding family, can select RO water purifiers or water softeners;

   in the water is soft south, UF water purifier can basically meet the requirements of water purification.

   If the tap water more residual chlorine, heavy taste of the region, the proposed election of a reverse osmosis water purifier little insurance.

   2. The purification effect selection

   To understand their purified water or demineralized water to.

   refers to purifying a substance removing impurities in the water and sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, organic substances and the like.

   refers to calcium and magnesium ions to soften water is removed, i.e. to remove the scale.

   From the point of view of water purification, Ultrafiltration <绾虫护<鍙嶆笚閫忥紝鍙嶆笚閫忓嚭姘寸О涓虹函鍑€姘达紝瓒呮护鍜岀撼婊ら兘闇€瑕佺粨鍚堟椿鎬х偔涓€璧疯揪鍒版洿濂界殑杩囨护鏁堟灉銆?

   3. The life scene selection

   to improve the daily cleaning water problem, select the pre-filter or ultrafiltration may be coarse filtration, washing machines and the like to achieve other appliances wading actively pre-protection.

   The water washing bath may be made in the bathroom by improving the water softener;

   Improve kitchen water / drinking water passage, a higher accuracy is required, the most thorough filtering, the recommended RO reverse osmosis machine.

   Once you know the brutal truth, you can calmly drinking water is not treated it


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