Water purifier market welcomed the outbreak of the populacon

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  With the introduction of new drinking water 70 and GB and other government policies, national drinking water health problems have gradually been put on the agenda, although more and more consumers are concerned about water purification equipment, water purification products for consumers but consumer awareness is still there cognitive fuzzy.

   "rapid growth of the water industry in the state, according to national statistics, Chinas water purifier manufacturers Although it has been more than 3000, but holders of the relevant approvals of the Ministry of Health water purifier business less than 1200, the water purifier market price and quality is uneven, the proliferation of counterfeit products on the market, the industry shoddy, water purification problems of their own after-sales system is imperfect and so are still outstanding, and therefore guide consumers to rational consumption and promote water purifier market discipline, healthy development imperative. "China consumer Association Deputy Secretary-General Li yuan-kwong, said at the second session of the purifier consumer science education in public welfare activities held recently.


鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満杩庣垎鍙戞湡 娑堣垂鏁欒偛鏅強鍔垮湪蹇呰

   Statistics show that from 2016 to 2020, the water purifier market is expected to maintain a 47% compound annual growth rate in 2020 will be bigger than water purifier 139 billion yuan.

   In this regard, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Consumer Protection Bureau inspector Wang ten said that as the water purification industry, as the market continues to heat up, personalized, diversified consumer has highlighted, Innovation, for quality mainstream. Industries and enterprises should be through innovation, to further activate the demand, the release of the consumption potential, and actively participate in the protection of consumer rights society in general will act, through the upgrading of product quality, consumer knowledge of popular science, by increasing the variety, brand win more consumer market.

   intelligent strategy for many Internet companies, water purification products intelligence is increasingly being recognized and accepted by more consumers.

   "in order to provide more services to users through intelligent, more connected, millet water purification products has accumulated a large end data of almost 70 million, this data is the largest user of water purification range of data, basically can be done in real time to gather the family of water quality, water temperature, water pressure and water flow, so they know the habits, using parameters season and millet with a large data capacity artificial intelligence basically achieve clean water, while millet is committed to the production process , the user process and product development to achieve seamless. "Yun-meter Electric Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Chen Xiaoping said in an interview with reporters.

   not onWater purification industry to develop Chinas Zhejiang Patio Water Treatment Technology Co. assistant general manager Zhao Changqing said that the future environment facing is quite complex, it waters every place is different, not the same as the water environment, consumer demand is not the same. "For example, some want to drink, and some to bathe with, to some cooking, some for soup, and some industrial use, and usage scenarios differences in factories, homes, south or north differences, so a technology can not solve all the problems, is the coexistence of several techniques, treatment or ultrafiltration, or nanofiltration or with other state science and technology co-exist. "Zhao Changqing told reporters.


鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満杩庣垎鍙戞湡 娑堣垂鏁欒偛鏅強鍔垮湪蹇呰

   It is understood that the organizers will in Nanjing, Shanghai, Xian, Jinan, Guangzhou and other cities with local consumer organizations, to continue to carry out ground water purifiers science charity during the event, will be distributed free of charge to consumers purifier consumer knowledge manuals and other public promotional materials, improve cognitive ability of consumers to live healthy drinking water and water purification equipment, and make sure the correct rational choice and consumption.

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