Water purification agents to join learned occasioto marketin

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   In recent years, with frequent water pollution incident occurred, make my country the rapid development of residential water purifier market development. According to statistics, as of the end of 2016, my countrys civilian water purification equipment manufacturing enterprises have been more than 5000, the water purifier market penetration rate of less than 8%. Although the industry is extremely broad space for development, but wants to attract consumers, drive purchasing power, they need water purification agents to take advantage of resources, only the consumer purchasing potential fully tapped, is the key to winning. The majority of water purifiers to join, agents need to use the holiday to do marketing is worth adopting, but ways and means should note the following:

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   First, the promotional activities should be combined with holiday themes

   to Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival reunion gift-giving culture as its theme, the promotion of information spread out through conventional media, to convey to the customer, and to allow consumers to "heart." Specifically, the Mid-Autumn design leaflets distributed out, can be put up promotional posters Mid-Autumn Festival on the door in front of the store Lightbox advertisements.

   Second, promotional activities need to spread brand content

   water purifier is a healthy environment-friendly goods, and therefore water purification agents to join should be based on a different connotation holidays, creating a variety of environmental health action mode dissemination of environmental health through drinking water, sufficient to make festivals and water purifiers combine to create a gift, send a healthy atmosphere, in order to bring good market returns, promote enhance corporate brand image.

   Third, the festival site interactive marketing can enhance the activity

   interactive promotional activities in the field, such as sweepstakes, quiz allows consumers to actively participate throughout the event, driven atmosphere to a climax.

   Fourth, differentiated marketing to stimulate sales potential

   water purifier to join, agents must differentiate promotion, into some of the unique brand connotation of creative activities for the whole sales process is full humanity, sexual pleasure, to stimulate consumers to buy from the soul.

   V. demonstration experiment promotional activities.

   a good old saying: Seeing is believing, hearsay is true. Water purifier demonstration experiments promotion is through demonstration experiments, conditions can be set up activity ring, with performances, then water purifier demonstration experiment, for example: chlorine test, TDS test, test water electrolysis, calciumMagnesium ion detection experiments and the like, the visual effect transfer consumers. To convince users to buy a water purifier, increasing consumer desire to buy.

   Sixth, the details determine success or failure.

   should do a good job early promotional details: multiple leaflets, publicity vehicles, wall advertising. Etc. to publicize the activities to attract popularity, draw people to engage in the active site to be the scene of the picture, with the animation, marketing professionals explanation so that consumers feel the real experience of clean water, and health experience. Seeing is true, mouth and drink real.

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