Water purifier market by revse osmosis technology to leadhe

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   With the growing emphasis on water pollution on people, for their own health concerns to an unprecedented degree. This situation continued urging hot water appliances market, which is also the brightest giants overweight competition. In addition to continuously improve the core technology of water treatment, force online has become one of the important trends in water purifier business.



   pure water and water purification machines grew over 50%

   product segments from the point of view of water treatment equipment, water machine market continues to be driven power source development, while net buckets and traditional drinking products continued to decline, the market size of the growing wei shrink.

   reverse osmosis technology to become the giant hair advocated direction

   consumers of water treatment equipment more focused on healthier living environment, the core technology used, the real effect of brand trust and other factors, is becoming the core of consumer concern. AO Smith (China Water Heater Co., Ltd.) Business general manager Song Guangping said, due to serious heavy metal pollution in Chinas water quality, AO Smiths research focuses on reverse osmosis technology, has launched the third generation of water purification products, filters available for three years, wastewater 50%, i.e. the two liters of water filtered one liter of wastewater, one liter of pure water potable, the next goal is to filter five available, water utilization rate of 90%, i.e. 90% of the water filtration

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   traditional business and direct selling company to enter the water purifier

   left the extension magpie PRC, brand general manager of the center that the second half of each giants have continued to punch RO (reverse osmosis ) technology products, water treatment equipment will maintain rapid development. For Haier, Midea, Gree like traditional home appliances business, fancy has a huge market potential of rural water purifier market, the wholesale, retail channel network by the original home appliances in rural areas, extensive use of existing dealer network, to achieve a sinking fast channels for water purification in rural consumer market. At the same time, professional type of 3M, liters, Patio, Angel and other water treatment companies think they are more professional and easier to obtain competitive in service, installation, products, its professional advantages are more easily accepted by consumers .

   In addition, the sunrise, the sun rain and other traditional solar companies are actively seeking business transformation, focused mostly on the domestic market of water purification and engineering markets, in their view water purifier and solar water heaters also belong "half-installedType "products, which accumulated over the years in the rural market of consumer users can realize the secondary sales. There are a force, Amway, unlimited and other direct selling companies, because a large user population also has health concerns, it is possible to achieve clean water purchase of its own products.

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