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   HC Network With the development of water purification, household electrical appliance enterprises have to admit I do not know is not in the business environment feel the earth-shaking changes have taken place, deals with this behind this, it is a result of technological progress to accelerate product replacement rate, as well as evolving model of industrial upgrading. This sudden epidemic crisis has made the new crown a quarter of the home appliance market suffered heavy losses, but also to the next 2020 years of production and operation of home appliances uncertainty. For small and medium enterprises, home appliances, in the development process will face many new problems and new contradictions, even some enterprises production and management crisis.

   Of course, the same situation of uncertainty inherent in new market opportunities. A comprehensive reflection of the industry model atmosphere are small and medium enterprises in the form of home appliances, under the pressure of the pursuit of industrial upgrading and transformation become the choice of many enterprises the same thing. So in the new era of intelligent retail, household electrical appliance enterprises how to break through the maze of business, the uncertainty seize strategic opportunities? In this regard, the State Grid zero degrees Celsius [] part a new planning topics, cold and Zhejiang stars general manager of the chain integration Ltd. STAFF AND Qi Ying Li, general manager of home appliances with two home appliance business has done more successful in business transformation, the regional retail business representatives conducted interviews with high-end depth dialogue.


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   for the stars cold chain and with the benefit of home appliances, the rapid development of the Internet in recent years for their convenience, it also brings challenges too. "Every year the price of the product getting lower and lower, the companys operating costs, technological innovation, R & D investment was increasing, the cost of social responsibility is also growing, business process, corporate profits becomes increasingly the more difficult and uncertain ", tHE STAFF admitted. Fortunately, they opened earlier transformation and upgrading of the road.

   stars in the cold chain strategic adjustment time is not the most difficult time of the appliance industry and business, but as the market slowdown, the price war is on, companies feel no stage direction. By 2015, when the company net profit is still about two million stars perceived crisis that may exist in the future, we made the transition from manufacturing to service manufacturing, business to shift from toC toB based business, from the original research products the main scene into a research study withUser experience, to provide users with the overall solution. In THE STAFF memories, the companys entire digital transformation process, pre-need to put 600-700 million per year for the establishment of a high-level intelligence Institute of dissent. The latter proved the rapid development of smart retail and year of birth of the epidemic-free access to explosive growth in demand for smart devices, intelligent front-end technology research institute and intelligent products for the stars brought a lot of opportunities. 2018 Annual Star freezer cold chain and all kinds of cold chain equipment sales reached 4.5 million units, sales revenue of nearly 60 billion yuan, accounted for nearly 20% of the domestic refrigerator market share of about 9% market share overseas.

   change in the channel home appliance industry has never stopped in, mainly to do with the benefit of home appliance retail area of 鈥嬧€媡he line, it will have to reform much earlier. Around 2003, the United States Suning Appliance chain stores specializing in the rapid rise in the country and staking their claims, gradually have an impact on local regional home appliance retail stores. According to Qi Ying statements, Baotou City was now with the benefit of the same size home appliance retailers have seven, "everyone (annual) sales without distinction, sales volume is probably in a billion or so," but the big regional chains settled in the future, several other companies have started to change jobs due to poor management, or even collapse, but with Lee chose to continue cultivating home appliance retailers. After a year of exploration and practice, to capture more new business opportunities, including the original passive to active and other customers to come to "create section" seize the opportunity to revitalize the nodes store promotional staff from the traditional sit-store sales change operations and other forms of DM single-out propaganda, stores specification also made upgrades to increase the user experience a sense. After 2004, with the benefit of home appliances really have rapid pace of development, "the stage we are basically eight months to open a new store, with the escalation of development, more and more stores open, there are five or six thousand level, to later, even thousands of square meters of open shop. " Ying Qi told reporters in the national grid, with many years of integrity and reputation, as well as distribution and service quality, and in recent years follow the wave of the Internet for users to easily create micro get online mall model of product information, with benefits not only to resist live regional chain decline after local presence to bring their own issue, but really in the market foothold. According to reports, in Baotou City, home appliances market, despite Gome, Suning retail giant, with the benefit of home appliances is still over half the share of leading the development of the local home appliance market.

   is a transition easier said than done things for moneyWeaker-scale capacity of SMEs more so, but like THE STAFF and Qi Ying said, large enterprises such as brand, traffic efficiency and other advantages of large enterprises, small businesses but also has more flexibility and speed advantages. "Can not be bigger quantities, but can do more sophisticated in a professional, you can do small ecological, do customized services and products." Do not have their own weaknesses to strengths than others, but to tap their own technological superiority, advantage of local conditions to develop their own business strategy. Therefore, in the transition process, the stars play to their strengths around super cold chain, cold chain kitchen, intelligent layout retail areas such as ecological cold chain; with the benefit of upgrading from the store into a service upgrades, product upgrades, reputation upgrade, earlier layout for these companies in the face of crisis, the sudden arrival of the epidemic, a little more "compression" capability.


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   into the 2020, the new crown outbreak global economy business has suffered tremendously, to the majority of small and medium enterprises has also brought a severe test. THE STAFF According to reports, the stars cold chain of the domestic market January - April is a state of decline, a drop of more than 20%, the most serious outbreak of 1--2 month for which sales almost "cut type" drop. The situation is a turning point from the beginning of May, "the beginning of May until now, the stars of the domestic sales increased by nearly 20%, is expected to follow the current overall trend, from May to July for three months can be loss of the first four months after the quota filled, the remaining five months increments can do throughout the year our goal is to achieve double-digit growth of over 10 percent. "

   Why is there such confidence? besides increments from export markets in addition, tHE STAFF, said the stars are caught more new opportunities. After the outbreak such as this years hot growth of fresh electricity providers, pre warehouse operations, intelligent counter business, we understand that several domestic electronic business platform in fresh growth during the Spring Festival and the outbreak of more than 500%, the incremental nature of enterprises under tremendous It will transform the front-end cold chain equipment, cold chain among the stars to pick up business orders for nearly 2,000 front-end cold chain transformation. In addition, the intelligent part of the stars of container harvested nearly 20,000 orders and about two billion yuan sales revenue. "Overall, new business fell far more than the original business," THE STAFF believe, in the face of crises such as epidemics, go in search of new business opportunities have the ability to talk to other people grappling, healthy development of the industry also we need to promote new business models. "For the stars is concerned, during the epidemic that we do not only share decline in market demand for the original, trueGoing to be the focus of concern is the new supply, demand new changes, and new opportunities for new business models brought about, if we can go ahead in this area will be able to seize the opportunity given market.

   It is undeniable that the epidemic to hit stores next line is heavy and unprecedented, both in previous years, the Spring Festival normal business with the benefit of home appliances for the first time ushered in the longest "vacation." "After Big Year made the decision to shut shop, next month, with the benefit of subsequent lines of business in all seven stores in the state," Qi Ying told reporters in the national grid in the review epidemic same below Lees store formats. However, with the home office instead of themselves but also busier than living a life of work, in addition to a conference call continuous adjustment strategy, during the epidemic, with interest focused on doing two things. First, the communication user, the second is filled micro-store products. According to Qi Ying, during the closed shop, with the benefit of staff from headquarters through the ERP system database, called up in 2018, in 2019 purchased user information appliances with health benefits, and then to more than 30,000 users have been up call . For example, users who like to buy a washing machine has a bactericidal function, with the benefit of employees to alert the user that the washing machine has a bactericidal function to guide users to the correct video contact information to use this product features. Another example is to inform bought oven, dishwasher appliance user class health benefits in these products can bring the epidemic, and to teach them to use better products.

   "during the epidemic We also give full play to the role of micro-mall," Qi Ying said, when the epidemic started, with the use of three to four days will store all the line of products are mainly sold to all the micro-store shelves, and add a large number of customer service, customers can order directly through the micro-mall.

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