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   [water purifier Invest At present, Chinese commercial water purifier market trend has been much overlooked blue ocean. According to well-known research firm SA statistics show that, in January 2019 --5 months, China water purifier market in the "commercial water purifier" in the field is growing rapidly. Chinas major cities office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels and other usage scenarios of concern about public places, drinking water is increasing. Commercial water purification equipment sales market share is expected to exceed 40.89 percent in 2022.


   due to the low domestic market penetration and vast market space, commercial water purifier has a huge area of 鈥嬧€媑rowth driving force. But behind this rapid development, China should pay attention to the water purifier market is still in its early stages of development, many problems still exist.

   In fact, in the water purification market, uneven service levels, so that part of the customer after-sales experience greatly reduced. In the field of commercial water purifier, after customers purchase or lease of the product, the latter part of maintenance, maintenance work can only be done through a standardized service water purification business, so once the water purification business service problems, is likely to allow customers to produce brand, product distrust.


   as a deep water market net more than twenty years of professional brand, Patio believe that commercial water purification test of the front-end and back-end design of water purification business service capabilities, particularly in the back-end service on. Water purification companies wishing to occupy a place in the commercial field of water purification, it is necessary to upgrade the back-end service capabilities, the establishment of a systematic, standardized service processes, so that timely and proactive manner to provide accurate service, so as to enhance customer satisfaction with sticky, ensure that partners continue to benefit long-term.


   correspondent was informed in April 2019, Patio officially launched in China "Patio net plus services" brand, higher than the industry standard level of service, ask questions "not only solve the water, and more to take the extra step to solve your problems, "the brand service philosophy, providing customers with fast, professional, caring standardized service.

   while for commercial Patio water purifier business, Patio with more than 200 professional customer service, 365 days a round service that provides the main problem for enterprises as well as public places responsible for the fast feedback channel.


   at the same time on the timeliness issue commercial customers are most concerned about, Patio professional services team can do the most prefecture-level citiesFast 2-hour response, 12-hour on-site, equipped with more than 200 service outlets and more than 6,000 professional service engineers, covering 34 provinces and autonomous regions, the first time for customers to solve problems, improve the user experience.

   In addition, the reporter has learned, Patio "net plus services" brand of Shanghai has started pilot work, Patio future net plus services will expand rapidly in the country to allow Patio commercial customers across the country Patio can enjoy quality service.


   professional reviews Chinese water industry analysts said:. "Service is the core element in the development of water purification industry, is even more critical in the field of commercial water purification services in fierce competition in the commercial blue ocean, Patio this "star service" is expected to increase by a net service brand Win, leading commercial water purification market towards positive and healthy trend, enabling a new era of commercial water purification. "

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