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tested the water quality of the installation is necessary before one home water workflow, how to decide what kind of water purification equipment you need, in the absence of the companys professional staff to install, they can also be detected own water quality, some people will think this is not the only use professional tools to detect not come, otherwise, to detect water quality by themselves their own way, is not difficult, but can also determine from the family needed and what type of water feature treatment equipment, water budget to do home improvement.


A method see:


no stains with a clean contact of the bowl full glass of water, to the light to see where there is no sufficient fine material suspended in water, allowed to stand for about three hours. bottom of the cup and observe whether a precipitate? If so, that seriously overweight suspended impurities in the water, will have to use a water purification process is a terminal.


2. The method of smell:


with a glass from the tap farther then try a glass of water, then smell, taste to see if there is heavy bleach (chlorine) If you can smell? the taste of bleach, description excessive chlorine in tap water, must use a water filter for a terminal treatment.


The method according to taste:


hot drinking water, whether there is bleach (chlorine) taste, if the water does not taste sweet, but there was a smell of bleach, bleach this is excessive phenomenon


4. the method of concept:


tea with tap water, to observe whether black tea, black tea if tap water is iron, manganese overnight after seriously overweight, this quality should selection of a filter for water purifier terminal rust treatment.


5. Product:


taste of water, with or without taste Sese feeling, if so, that the water hardness is too high, too high hardness of their influence is very bad, you say Do you want to install a water purifier it? You can install RO reverse osmosis water purifier for processing, water taste better after treatment.


6. The method of investigation:


Check the home water heater, a kettle wall, the presence or absence junction layer scale, if, high water hardness, calcium and magnesium content is too high, also try to use pure water to be purified, note that the water hardness is too high too easily make various stones.


General quality problems can be detected by the above stepCome, of course, when you are sure the water quality in your home is actually installed water treatment equipment in order to ensure healthy water, you can ask a professional water testing technician to signing



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