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   "water purifiers purify a liter of water, there will be 3-4 tons of waste water", "home water purifier will be installed along with the sharply rising," like this home reverse osmosis water purifier serious waste of described as people spread in the major network platform, then this is a rumor or reality? today Victor purifier manufacturers to verify something for everyone.

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   According to incomplete statistics, home reverse osmosis water purifier accounted for 48% of total household water purifiers, then the above rumors are true, will inevitably result in a waste of urban water resources in my country. So in the end it is how the facts?

   "home reverse osmosis water purifier has an inlet and two outlets, the water respectively Yes. Permeated water and concentrated" Victor clean water expert explained, "Some water purifier dealers and even some manufacturers do not know the quality of the water is concentrated washed with water, concentrated water supply network is to install a sewer plug trouble, wasted a lot of valuable water resources." "home reverse osmosis water purification fundamental the so-called absence of wastewater., "he explains," reverse osmosis concentrated water purifier has elapsed after the multi-processing, in addition to chlorine impurities, suspended solids, rust, most of the organic substances in water. most of the water fails after the reverse osmosis membrane becomes concentrated water out, because after multi-processing, in addition to slightly higher salt than tap water, tap water is much better than most other indicators, such as waste water, how can wasted it. "[ 123]

   here, Victor purifier water purifier manufacturers to remind the user to abandon the point of view "i.e., the concentration of water waste water", the full play home reverse osmosis water purification water supply, the use of a good purification discharged water concentrate, to be truly healthy and environmentally friendly.

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