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   Recently, the global water purifier market report was released. The report notes that the global water purifier market is extremely fragmented, the next few years the market competition will become more intense. This situation will encourage companies to develop innovative water purification technology and tools, in order to achieve better development.

   According to the report, in 2015 the total value of global water purifier market was $ 49.49 billion, is expected by the end of 2025 to reach $ 106.45 billion; 2017 - 2025 forecast this year, the global market is likely to compound 8.1% annual growth rate; RO water purifier technology is expected to lead the global market by the end of 2025, RO water purifier is expected to reach US $ 48.61 billion; Asia-Pacific region will lead the global market is expected between 2017 - 2025 compound annual growth rate will reach 11.5 %. Before

  , the UN report notes that the global total of about 35 million people living in urban areas. With the increasing population figures, water pollution caused by social problems will become more prominent. Trace the history of water pollution occurs, we find that urbanization is one of the more distant. The reason for the deterioration in the rivers and lakes dumping of industrial waste and large quantities of pollutants, leading to impossible to clean water. However, with the awakening of peoples awareness of clean water, we are increasingly concerned pollutants, chemicals and other issues, demand for water purifiers inevitable rapid rise.

   lack and depletion of groundwater resources of freshwater resources for the success of global water purifier market has played a decisive role. For ordinary people, aging water base settings may bring the risk of poisoning, however, to update these facilities is not simple. Therefore, the installation of water purifiers has become the most effective means.

   In addition, water reuse and water resources-intensive industry trends will also promote the growth of the global water purification market. Industrial use of non-potable water, such as paper mills and carpet drying plant, concrete mixing and other construction activities and project implementers, is expected to further join the cause of the water cycle utilization.

   On the other hand, the global water purifier market is also facing serious challenges. The most notable example is the rural areas, lack of clean water and health knowledge knowledge the long run, result in more complex problems. On the current situation, the existing unsafe water purification process is a major obstacle to water purification technology into the rural market.

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