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  Waiting for 20 years to keep "clean" water Author: Tim net water purification Views: 636 Date: 2016-7-5 11:01:54 Wuhan Evening News reporter received a letter from an old man of eighty, the letter thanks community residents to help solve the problems bothering twenty years. The old man named Zheng Zhongkui the octogenarian, who lives in the east all the way to 15th Street Shuiguohu Wuchang District, is Evening loyal readers. He lived in the old house, a dormitory built in the provincial authorities 80s of the last century, there is no community property, no authorities and courtyard. The old man lived on the fourth floor, the sixth floor roof by a large water tank is on the third floor and above domestic water users. 30 years old cabinet slowly, dirt deposition inside the box, leading to the third floor and above households in the muddy yellow water, smell and with a taste. For fear of unsafe water quality, only buy purified water. Three months ago, Zheng old boss reactions to communities, water quality problems will eventually be resolved. It is understood that Wuhan Water Group Water Company launched a free replacement for the old district of the tank convenience services. 24 20 drinking water residents of yellow rust finally drink the tap water. At first glance community services launched a free service to replace the water tank so that tenants are moving, but the home water purifier small series to see is 20 years old and finally get to replace tanks, household water security can not be guaranteed, that this timely replace the old tank and regular maintenance of facilities, residential property did not even do a good job not done, residents drink "yellow water", led to a 20-year inconvenience.

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