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   was not feeling well when girls hate to hear the boys say "drink plenty of water," this sentence. In fact, to protect health through drinking water is at an early stage because there is no good water filtration equipment, boil the water may remove some impurities, and later we discovered drinking water can promote blood circulation and help digestion. Current frequent incidents of water pollution, water quality and also more complex than before, simple heating has been unable to remove heavy metals, residual chlorine and other substances, only through household water purifiers and other professional equipment in order to effectively reduce or filter out, the real output good quality, safe and healthy water.


   Some people think there is no need to install home water purifier, since boiling water can destroy impurities, and that more than one will not burn enough. In fact, boil water for too long, some of the less volatile substances in the water will evaporate with the water content in the water and improve water quality but will fall. If boiling water is repeated, nitrite and other substances content increases, and the more the number of heating cycles, the higher the content. If long-term consumption of such thousands of boiling water, the body will be adversely affected. Therefore, the choice of household water purifiers escort for healthy drinking water is essential.

   now available in many brands of household water purifiers, which have a net as drinking experience of nearly 20 years old brand Patio, move faster into the intelligence field of water purification, in order to protect consumers health-based drinking water, household water purification machines constantly break through the bottleneck of the development of intelligent, leading the new trend of the water industry.

   Patio home water purifier dialysis custom high RO membrane filter, five fine filtration system, build protective wall Five healthy water; purification sediment, red worms, rust, suspended solids; chlorine purification, adsorption color, smell; invisible purifying impurities, harmful organisms; purifying small bacteria and viruses, heavy metal ions; optimize taste, no clean residue. Advanced water-saving technology allows wastewater ratio up to 1: 1, more water than ordinary water purifiers money; double outlet designed to facilitate intimate, you can freely switch; intelligent filter detection system, and always display filter life, easy to grasp for the core time; ETC modular filter maintenance easy, simple operation, change the filter as twist cap.

   Patio has been focused on water, in all aspects of product technology, quality, service, etc., are to a high standard strict demands on themselves, with advanced technology to ensure that consumers drink healthy water. Select Patio household water purifiers, fresh water without waiting for loved ones to enjoy a good quality of water ready to drink.

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