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   HC reverse osmosis water purifier water purifier network with superior filtering capabilities, to become Chinas current consumption those who buy the first choice when the water purification products. Thus, over a period of time, as one of the core components of the storage tank pressure rise, the market size soared. Once, the importance of the pressure storage tank and booster pump, membrane / filter comparable, but with no barrel large flux reverse osmosis water purifier market share gains, pressure storage tank has been in demand on the Chinese market continuous decline in three years. While overseas markets and pressure storage tank of the Chinese market demand still exists, but in recent years the downward trend is unlikely to change. In early 2020, under the impact of the new crown epidemic, not only Chinese market continued to slump, the export market has also been hit.

   more pressure storage tank mainstream production business representatives with respect, look forward to after the spring outbreak overseas markets.



   with the object from standard to reduce the pressure storage tank experienced what?

   As a water purifier parts, a pressure storage tank is mainly used for closed water circulation system, and acts equilibrium water pressure, the safety valve to avoid frequent opening and automatic water valve frequent replenishment. In 2015, the majority of users to buy water purifiers are equipped with pressure storage tank, according to insiders, early water purifier a small amount of water, mostly small 50-gallon water purifier, coupled with the anti-home permeable membrane (RO membrane) of water slowly, you want ready access of purified water, previously-prepared water need to first storage reservoir to the pressure barrel. Pressure storage tank can guarantee a large amount of water needs, but also to avoid water purifier frequent pump work, can effectively extend the life of the equipment. It can be said that during this period, pressure storage tank is a water purifier standard.

   since the beginning of 2016, the desktop water purifier, no barrel large flux reverse osmosis water purifier is beginning to flourish, especially under the impetus of millet, rice cloud, Green springs and other water purification companies, no reverse osmosis net barrel water is catching on, the impact on pressure storage tank industry began to show. In fact, a pressure storage tank water purifier itself, there are some drawbacks. As early as 2017, the founder of Chen Xiaoping cloud meters in an interview, said water storage tank traditional water purifierAnd post-secondary pollution filter line for two months can produce more than 2 million bacteria. In the year of "Water" exhibition scene, cloud rice but also for the users home water storage tank were dissected, cut through tough, full of odors and bacteria bodies of water storage wall mucosa appear to users. And this move, but also the success of the current system is to drink no barrel reverse osmosis water purification unit to promote open.

   data show that since the establishment of Suning, "no clean water bucket hwan new alliance", no barrel water purifier sales rose 46% market share in non-barrel water purifier year increase of 12 percentage points. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xian and other second-tier cities demand the most exuberant. Suning Tesco Group kitchen home improvement company president Liu race, said in 2019, "818" period, Suning comprehensive line under the shelf twelve barrels of water purifier market there. In addition, Suning has also introduced Spark "123 plan", that is, for less than 10 million annual sales of 20 water purifier brand to promote their sales increasing by 300 per cent Suning channels. Full format from Suning, big data sharing, finance, sale and service a full range enabling brands, thus promoting the restructuring of the water industry, boosting free buckets become the industry standard.

   driven by A.O. Smith, cloud rice, Angel and other mainstream companies, as well as the lower channel promotion, no barrel water purifier surging. Patio water purifier, according to the person in charge, RO membranes can be divided into 50G, 400G, 600G, 800G, 1000G, and other specifications according to the size of the flow. 50G wherein the flow of water because water purification ability to 189.5L / day, drinking water can not meet the demand a large and quick, now equipped with a pressure storage tank. With the development of enterprises, 400G and 600G and even higher flow of water purifier conventional system will be able to meet everyones demand for water, pressure storage tank became to lose accessories.


   is still in demand, expectations of the overseas market

   through interviews, "electrical" reporter has learned that the current Chinese market sales of water purifiers equipped with a pressure storage tank mainly for domestic brands. According to Gu Chuan long executive vice president and director of the Expert Committee of Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment introduced, China is the worlds largest storage tank pressure producing countries, which, Zhejiang Jiang Guangyue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou is jump water purification equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. Yizheng, GuangdongPei Yi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Linyi City High-tech Zone Co., Ltd. Lu Yue pressure barrels brands such as larger scale, there are many domestic brands to do business in overseas markets. Gu Chuan long told the "electrical" reporters, although the direction of development of reverse osmosis water purifier is "no big film barrel", but the high cost of the diaphragm Europe and the United States, so there is still water purifier using a small barrel of flux, because bad taste, like the United States and Europe also increased post carbon to improve the taste. Thus, the outlet pressure storage tank industry development direction has great growth potential.

   At present, the water purifier market in China, there is no barrel barrel and coexistence, but there is a demand barrel has been weakening. Han Min Xiamen Jian Lin, director of water purification business, said the past year, the company has many well-known enterprises at home and abroad for the production of water purifiers, there are barrel size has decreased by 70%. Although a lot of pressure storage tank manufacturer, said the overseas market and low-end products still need to pressure storage tank, but the companys performance has it all. "Electrical" reporter access to science and technology of light jump in 2018 earnings call revealed that the companys operating income of about 132.44 million yuan, down 15.37 percent year on year, the first half of 2019, operating income of about 515.39 million yuan, down 16.42 percent year on year. However, general manager of Zhejiang Jiang Guangyue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Hui Ling told the "electrical" reporter: "At present, no bucket water machine high-end products, the price is generally higher, or niche products without bucket water machine want to achieve popularity. there are several problems to be solved on the one hand, no barrel less traffic, limited water purification speed and water flow; on the other hand, no increase in traffic barrel products, filter life will be shortened Additionally, no. barrel barrels water machine without reason is because of the timely supply of pure water, these products require more than 400G RO membrane used, and large flux membranes require high-power pumps to match, so the water purifier of water a great noise. "

   Gu Chuan long think, at this stage, there is no barrel barrel and in fact have advantages and disadvantages, both can co-exist in the market. Although there is no bucket water machine capable of "current system is to drink" to ensure water quality, but the cost is relatively high, the requirements of the film, the pump is also great, all parts should be perfect match, otherwise it is prone to high noise, use low life issues.

   positive transition of water purification equipment Hangzhou Managing Sunfu Rong hold the same views and that "the system is now drink" inevitably increases the number of starts of pure water, frequent start the high pressure switches, solenoid valves, increasedPressure pump, RO film parts of life caused serious damage. In addition, starting too frequently cause more serious water hammer phenomenon to water purification pipeline, potentially increasing the probability of pipe fittings and leaking. For most water purifier manufacturers, water softeners equipped with pressure storage tank is still cost more reasonable choice.


   fit the needs of the whole, and providing technical upgrade

   for the current market situation, the pressure storage tank companies need to upgrade their skills to meet the needs of machine manufacturers. CILLY Mizuno Pangya Hui Li told the "electrical" reporters, on the selection pressure storage tank, the whole enterprise generally adhere to two principles. First, select a pressure relief valve built storage tank, as the water pressure in order to avoid instability caused by overpressure, resulting in a pressure storage tank "burst tub"; second, choose the size of a certain brand and precipitation time and market-tested suppliers. Han Min said pressure storage tank enterprises not only to provide the qualifications and certificates, but also in line with the national standard, built-Lin will increase the requirements in terms of the selection of suppliers.

   In fact, the technical threshold is not high pressure storage tank, most companies would have to overcome the shortcomings of the explosion, leakage, etc., and introduced the use made of antibacterial and antiviral material pressure storage tank. Through interviews with mainstream business, "electrical" reporter learned that the current pressure storage tank is divided into plastic barrels and steel drums, each with two equally bright spot.

   In aspects of plastic pressure storage tank, in order to enhance the explosion-proof technique, Yizheng storage tank pressure introduced early German and Spanish frictional vibration welding apparatus imports the detection line, alternate hot plate welding technique, thereby improving the yield and the subsequent reduction may explosion risks. And in recent years actively promote the upgrading of pressure storage tank, antibacterial liner application technology, welding technology, and explosion-proof technology. It is understood that technical difficulties plastic pressure storage tank is welding technology, welding technology is not in place easily lead to poor welding, so the phenomenon of split blasting.

   Sun Furong said that although the markets overall performance is poor, but the focus is jump drums of water purification equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou still get very high growth. On the one hand, because of the small size of the company, but well-run; on the other hand, it is a steel drum technology breakthrough. He told the "electrical" reporter, is the production of steel drums jump to solve the safety and health problems. He said the plastic material of the pressure storage tank may explode and a positive pressure storage tank jump using stainless steel, although the cost will increase, butSafety is greatly improved. Further, the plastic pressure storage tank, a positive pressure generation Yuequan storage tank liner using gamma sterilization, medical grade polymer material, advanced welding technology, patented interchangeable liner, reliable spray process, may be liner to prevent secondary pollution, rust, and never explode. According to reports, the key technical point pressure storage tank is that the raw materials and welding technology, if businesses seek low-cost and low-quality selection of raw materials, long-term use, excessive soluble, odor, will harm the human body.


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