PC and PP plastic cup which is better

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   plastic cups daily life we 鈥嬧€媍an often come into contact with drinking water equipment, whether adults or children, will use plastic cups of drinking water in time, PC and PP plastic cup which is good, we must be careful discrimination, knowledge base, there are many introduced.




As society progresses, more and more industrial development, peoples simple, lightweight, relatively high usage of plastic cups are very popular, so often used plastic cups to drink water but many people have a different idea of 鈥嬧€媤hat cup to drink the safest? this idea is very reasonable, after all, a lot of plastic cups containing a chemical substance, usually we need to better understand some families drinking little knowledge, so as to let the problem be solved.


We all know that plastic cups safety of different materials is not the same, good PC and PP plastic cups Which? Issues are also of concern to all of us. PC plastic cups cup good transparency and low price lighter than glass, can be generally about 100 deg.] C to heat, it has a particularly good impact strength, thermal stability, gloss, inhibit bacterial properties, flame retardant properties and stain resistance. However, after repeated heating will produce carcinogenic substances such as bisphenol -A, and therefore Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and other countries have already outlawed PC material for baby products.


PP plastic cups relatively light, difficult to break, good heat resistance, there is no doubt produce toxic substances, stable and safe; only drawback is translucent slightly worse. Strength of PP increases as the ethylene content increases. Vicat softening temperature of PP is 150 鈩? Due to the higher degree of crystallinity, good surface scratch resistance and stiffness characteristics of such material. PP material acid and the performance is much higher than the PC, PP material of plastic cups and only can be placed in plastic boxes microwave can be reused after careful cleaning.

   From the comparison of the PC after PP plastic cups and plastic cups characteristics, we can not see, life or use PP plastic cups better because, PP material plastic cup plastic cups obviously due to the PC, but also particularly resistant high temperature, almost no toxic substances. Xiao Bian remind you, better or plastic cup PP material.



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