Selling to users in Zhejiang water purifi woman lost 2000 yu

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Miss Sister 40 years old, Hubei, early this year to Yiwu, looking for a job selling water purifiers and air purifiers work, because the work needs to recognize more customers, every time there are micro-channel application stranger add her as a friend, she did not refuse.


a month ago, a man named "mood" added Miss Sister users in the micro letter, the person claiming to Yiwu, 42 years old, doing the clothing business agent.

   "Yiwu people should be very rich, maybe you can develop into a customer." Miss Sister thought she and other times not much chat, several recommend their products to each other, the other side says buy, but I had never really bought.

   chat, Miss Sister feel "mood" this is a nice, then gradually increased, a few days ago, she confided to each other, their own bad performance, low income, recent economic conditions very bad.

   did not expect, "mood" very straightforward, says can lend money to Miss Sister, Sister Wu quite touching, I thought I met a good man.

   Miss Sister would like to take this 5,000 yuan, which she repaid within range, "mood" very generous, just say you can borrow 60,000 yuan, with the money to buy her an air purifier, and then sold him friend. "There are just a few friends to buy a new house to decorate, so you can get a commission."

  , "he said, grab 2000 yuan as interest mortgage on it, I was not even imagined I agreed, that the other side is certainly no problem. "Dec. 3, the two met at Heyetang about a hot pot restaurant.

   met, "mood" that he really called "Bing", the two dined together.

   Bing put his SMS to Miss Sister Look, display messages, Bing bank card balance of 89 million yuan, Wu met Sister firmly believe that a good man.

   around 12:00, Bing leave more than 20 minutes, and came back the hands of more than a blue plastic bag, which he told Miss Sister six million in cash, you can pay a deposit to the Miss Sister .

   Miss Sister reminder transferred money to her friend, 16 oclock more friends through micro letter envelopes to put money in turn.

   After get 2,000 yuan in cash, Bing put blue plastic bags into Miss Sister bag, because someone around, Miss Sister did not open the plastic bag inventory.

   home, WuSister hastened to prepare an inventory of open plastic bag, the bag was opened, she was dumbfounded, which actually is a one hundred yuan Mingbi playing a total of 10 bundles, Miss Sister rushed to the police.

   "End the police report, I hit the phone asked why he lied to me, and he said to go to Hong Kong, and then contact a day, later said his wife around inconvenient, and so came back to say." Wu said Tuesday, and soon the other side put her pull into the blacklist.

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