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   In recent years, peoples health awareness has gradually increased, especially in the frequent outbreaks of water pollution problem of the moment, people are more health issues of particular concern drinking water, water purification products and therefore was popular. In the recent sales of water purification products, we will find that most brands, such as Patio water purifier sales of their products in rural areas currently are on an upward trend.

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   is well known, water purification products can improve the quality of drinking water, filtered off pollutants in water, effectively preventing contaminants from entering the body initiator disorders. Water industry stakeholders, water purifier in the countryside, although still a new thing, but residents of acceptance has risen to a very high level. From the visit, the relevant parties understand that most people buy water purifier mainly because of water pollution, poor water quality, and to improve drinking water conditions. According to the villagers Handan, Hebei Mr. Liu, who in July 2017 to buy the installation of a reverse osmosis water purifier Patio, the past may no longer feel the bitter taste of drinking water, water quality improved markedly. And by word of mouth, Patio water purifier is also the region gained a certain reputation. We have said: "Patio water purifier water purification effect, experience and after-sales service is very good, the next day the day of purchase installation, clean out of the water quality is very good."

   Patio rooted in the Chinese water field for over 20 years, so that the accumulation of profound Patio long maintained the industry leader status. Among these, Patio consumer insights, especially commendable.


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   It is understood Patio has traveled the country seven major river systems collect water quality data, China has established a perfect water quality database. For two decades, Patio has also won hundreds of domestic and foreign patents, and actively promote the patent application floor for consumers to create countless high-quality water purification products.

   products are on the one hand, in terms of service, Patio is specially established norms of CSM customer management system, detailed records of user information, and a comprehensive call center, customer service team of over 100 people 365 Vincent Year round, reply or answer user consultation.

   Recently, Patio also opened a micro-channel service platform, users can query consulting related questions, at the same time, micro-channel platform can also be micro-channel messaging and text messaging and other forms of active users push for the core maintenance reminders, service system further rich and perfect.

   away fromVisit situation, rural water purifier market development is not perfect, so rural residents in the purchase of a water purifier should also be considered from a comprehensive brand, product, service and other multi-dimensional, such as Patio water purifier is a very good choice . If accidentally chose the low-quality water purifier, it will bring a bad experience and even endanger health of their families.

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