Water purification agents to enter thehird-ticieso seizee pu

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at the beginning of the development of water purifier, water purifier manufacturers are to make a lot of agents in major cities set point, because the people spending big city life in general are very high, to spend money to buy water purifier protection this kind of thing is healthy drinking water unambiguous. But now, more and more water purifier manufacturers have shifted from cities to the countryside, rural market. That the reason mainly in three aspects: first, the urban market saturation; second, improve the urban markets operating costs; third pace, speed up urbanization.

   now, so vacancy rural market in the future then its become a water purifier manufacturers and distributors of proxy battleground.

   Since 2008, decided to speed up construction of rural roads, the state continued to attach great importance to rural and township economic development, the rural economy has seen leaps and bounds, with the urbanization process accelerated in recent years, rural and township peoples living standards widely promoted. Bring urban population of the city to return home consumer attitudes and spending habits also greatly stimulate the consumer market water purifier, water purification industry in rural areas is no longer a stumbling block, as many water purification agents to join fight over fragrant steamed bun.

   1, worsening water pollution

   In recent years, with the rapid development of rural economy at the same time, move into a large number of industrial, agricultural and industrial wastewater and domestic sewage discharged wanton cause serious water pollution in rural areas , rural residents drinking water safety is greatly threatened.

   2, health consciousness

   With the rapid development of the rural economy, the living standards of the residents of the requirements for higher and higher, people have enough economic to buy water purification products. On the other hand, with the rapid economic rise of the water environment in rural areas also suffered tremendous damage, stream fish throughout the year in emissions of a large number of industrial and agricultural waste water and domestic sewage, clear water becomes muddy, peoples drinking water security also suffered varying degrees of threat to peoples health consciousness.

   3, water purifier prices civilians

   Although there is a second-tier mainstream water purifier market in order to locate noble luxury in a very long period of time, but with the water purification technology innovation, reduce production costs, and now the water purifier prices gradually civilians, 500 to 3000 occupy the mainstream market water purifier, water purifier has gradually become a popular product every household can buy from, the civilian population of the water purifier prices for the product intoCreate conditions in rural areas, rural market. This is two years water purifiers gradually began to be the cause of rural and township residents generally accepted lies.

   We can see from the above three points, rural, rural water purifier Agent is a very good way to wealth. With the rapid economic development of rural towns, health-conscious residents upgrade, product prices gradually civilians, and water purifiers is toward rural and township water purifier market rise, water purifier market prospects to join the unlimited potential. If the agents are able to keep pace with times, seize the opportunity, then you can get rich quick profits in this industry water purifier!

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