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   Chinese urban residents commonly used is water, water plant out of the water is usually acceptable, but even qualified water from the water plant to the home user to go through a long pipeline, will inevitably be contaminated again. See piped tap water is hard not to worry, in order to eliminate this concern, many residents have installed a water purifier at home and want to know whether your home water purifier? Then with a look.



   There is no running water in your house this case?

   such a question a lot of people certainly exists: the home water is very clean, it is necessary to waste money to buy sets of water treatment devices? That they have not met some of the following situations in life do?

   1, yellow water

   Every morning turn on the tap, are beginning to flow out of yellow water, but over time water will become usual, very upset.




distress signal water you get the essence of it reduced water purifier (Source network)

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