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   Now the water purification industry market prospects, how water purifier dealers and agents do a good job market? On this topic, the industry each have their own view and the view. The following small series compiled some about the water purifier sales agents in order to do a good job market, it should be associated with several conditions, water purifier want to be a dealer guidelines.




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   a fully integrated water purifier customer base resources successfully transition

   now see, the water purification industry is far from mature, at best, be regarded as stages of development, public water purifier and water purifier brand products are also still have a cognitive process. This determines the social good local resource is of great significance for the survival and development of water purifier dealers and agents of new entrants, such social resources can be divided into individual relations resources and other relatives and friends, the second is social resources of institutional units .

   water purifier machine channel in an expanding market early are bound to experience a familiar from the strange to the "transitional period", usually it takes two or three months, ran past, and may be able to make money, into the past, it is likely to be "shot on the beach." A general sales agents, water purification machines before choosing the agent or distribution projects, the majority did not do much of the preparatory work for its operation of the market. Therefore, after obtaining distribution rights agent, you must first start with friends and relatives around the relationship between resources owned units to quickly form a cycle cash flow, this is a "relationship marketing." Relationship Marketing started in this interim period the entry of sales growth and survival of their role is very clear.

   However, this is not a permanent solution to achieve sales, after two or three months transition period, sales agents will produce differentiation: use part of this grace period to try and actively seek new development models and approaches to markets, greater development, market scale. But more water purifier machine sales agents but only after its laurels, but run out of resources around the market will do nothing, Arrested Development or even closed their doors.

   Second, the initiative to change, water purifier "shopkeeper" turn "peddler."

   a lot of water purifier dealers and agents are mostly doing household appliances, solar energy, hardware, plumbing and other distribution agents , and mostly family-run shop. These agents haveA common problem, "shopkeeper" behavior seriously, and this is precisely the distribution agent in water purification taboo.

   At present the public water filter function and value is not very understanding, open a terminal if relying solely on sales facade, waiting for consumers to come to buy sales model is too thin, which requires sales agents move do a good job marketing efforts, recommended way: community promotion, project promotion, liaison units, science advocacy community, will buy and so on. Through these activities, the necessity and value of water purification products Recommend to consumers, promote the purchase of interests and to post-market brand and market expansion has laid the foundation, dedicated to the "drainage" store.

   Third, actively expand the distribution of water purifiers and not stick to a single high-margin

   due to the limitations of information asymmetry and market size, water purification agent of relatively high profits, a Taiwan household products sales margins may even exceed the purchase price. So many sales agents to stick to a single product sales profits hold that high prices can also bring good income, why bother to expand the network? Content with the state of mind lead focus on expanding market channels, the total market and profit is difficult to break. So will have two drawbacks: first, it is difficult to establish the brand and influence in the regional market, when the market is relatively mature bound to lose the initiative, and may even face the risk of being eliminated. Second, give up market network expansion, economies of scale are not reflected, but also contrary to the strategic vision of network development agency brands, the same may be stricken out of the danger of being optimized.

   Fourth, improve their service to the water purifier work well

   water purifier aftermarket consists of two aspects, one is the sale and installation, is a post-maintenance. Do both, agents and dealers need to spend a lot of thought and effort, and this is directly related to market expansion and economic interests, it is currently lacking in the majority of agents and dealers.

   from the sale and installation, the installation of good play and user satisfaction with product performance improvement is very important. This requires sales agents or sales staff to spend time, manpower, material resources or third-party manufacturers whereabouts of organizational learning and training, to achieve very familiar with the product structure and installation techniques, and during the installation process also need to be very careful and patient.

   after-sales maintenance is the soft underbelly of the current water purifier market development. Although the service for dealers and agents is aA source of profit, but also an effective post-marketing advertising communication, but few sales agents can do well, on the one hand the overall form of agents and dealers mostly mom and pop, the lack of scientific and effective methods of implementation and perseverance, two is the lack of understanding of the importance of after-sales maintenance.

   fast development of water purification industry now, we can say for sure is worthy of attention and investment in the industry. But if you want to become a good water purifier industry distributors and agents, but also do a good job market fundamentals, abandon the short-term speculative thinking, changes in environmental and psychological. Industry insiders predict: the water purification industry in the next few years by leaps and bounds, you water purifier sales agents can seize the opportunity, thus becoming the mainstay, it is now the key is what state of mind and how to do it.

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