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   should know that a lot of people, water purifier without electricity and can be divided into either electricity or may not be electricity categories. Wherein electricity is not easy to use because the water purifier acclaimed. What is not electricity water purifier? No electricity water purifier good? Xiao Bian answer your questions.




without electricity water purifier what is? No electricity water purifier easy to use it? (Picture from the network)

   What is not electricity water purifier

   purifier, general household generally two types, one of which is ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration is one of pressure-driven membrane separation technology. Generally do not have the power, several groups of membrane composition, owned by the water pressure to complete the primary filter. Macromolecular small molecule for the purpose of separation, membrane pore size between 20-1000A 掳. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration (membrane) having a high melting device per unit packing density, and small footprint.

   In the process of ultrafiltration, an aqueous solution at a pressure driven flow through the membrane surface, membrane pores smaller than the solvent (water) and small solutes permeable membrane, becomes decontamination liquid (the centrate), than the membrane pore large solute and solute groups are retained, with the water discharge, to become concentrated liquid. Ultrafiltration process is dynamic filtration, separation is accomplished in a fluidized state. Solute only limited deposition on the membrane surface, ultrafiltration rate decay to a certain degree and becomes more balanced, and can be restored by washing.

   The water purifier without electricity good

   no electricity water purifier according to international standards filter flask card unique design, installation of equipment and replacement of the filter is simple, convenient and fast. Ultra-low pressure membrane having a hydrophilic (water with 60% or more hydrophilic), natural pressure to break through the water, to a greater flow rate. The hollow membrane thickness uniformity, stable filtering effect.

   no electricity imported from Japan purifier activated carbon, the adsorption capacity of 10 to 15 times the normal activated carbon particles can be efficiently removed water color, odor, chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons, dibromoethane , trichlorethylene and chloroform and other toxic substances. Water taste glycol, and inhibit bacterial growth. Small, not restricted installation space, the machine run without electricity.

   no electricity water purifier using hollow fiber membrane filter. Filtration accuracy 0.01 m, which can effectively remove sediment, rust, suspended solids, heat, colloids, bacteria, algae, and harmful substances such as organic molecules, withRetention of trace elements beneficial to human body.

   no electricity water purifier using granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter block. Using a special refining process, drinking water can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, and various chemical contaminants effluent taste glycol, and effectively inhibit bacterial growth.

   In addition, before using the water purifier without electricity, we must first remember the faucet is opened and cleaned, in order to truly healthy water to drink Oh!

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