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With the rapid development of modern society, people are increasingly concerned about air quality, leading to the air purifier market competition intensified, not less air purifier brands have launched claims to be an effective addition to the aldehyde products, this moment, about the air purifier in addition to formaldehyde questioned whether effective voice sounded gradually in the field. Capacity has been cleared formaldehyde air purifier features consumers are more concerned about, then, air purifiers really scavenge formaldehyde effect? 鈥嬧€?/p>


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   1 formaldehyde - room number one killer


   of course, in discussing whether whether the air purifier before the effect of formaldehyde addition to, or need to popularize the home environment of formaldehyde hazards for human health, the main there are the following three points: first, the cause of human-induced allergic skin disease produces severe asthma symptoms. Secondly, to stimulate the body mucocutaneous, since formaldehyde is protoplasmic poison mass-energy and protein binding, inhalation of high concentrations of formaldehyde can cause edema, headache. Finally, that is, we are well-understood gene mutation causes the body to cause cancer lesions. The general home environment for the health hazards of formaldehyde is long-standing, mainly due to its long release cycle, usually 3 - there will be 15 years, relying on conventional ventilation difficult to eradicate them. So, for consumers, but also become more sensitive for the purification of the relationship between the air cleaner home air environment with formaldehyde.


   2. The source of indoor formaldehyde


   in the home decoration, is the main source of formaldehyde decoration materials we used, which is the main source of pollution caused by formaldehyde. Plywood decoration materials and furniture in, MDF, chipboard (particle board) and Daixinban in the face of deliquescence, it is easy to release formaldehyde, which is the main source of indoor formaldehyde. Meanwhile UF foam for housing heat, warm insulation, foam aging under the action of light and heat, the release of formaldehyde. There are some that do with formaldehyde preservative coatings, cosmetics and chemical fiber carpets and so on.


   3. The air cleaner principle formaldehyde


   Currently, the market in addition to the net airMainly two ways of addition of formaldehyde, one is the mesh filter can absorb formaldehyde molecules in the air, like the principle of the activated carbon, but this should always change the filter, and only passive adsorption of free formaldehyde in the air .


   still yet another Ionizers can produce negative ions, negative ions to the use of biological activity in air and harmful substances. When working air cleaner, and fan (also called the fan) inside the machine to be filtered enters the air intake port, flows through the filter, the air filter formaldehyde to formaldehyde is in the filter and HEPA filter decomposed, thus constantly formaldehyde content will continue circulating air is reduced, while the air purifier but also the release of the anion with high energy ions and fan out to form a stream of negative ions and formaldehyde in the air a chemical reaction decomposed formaldehyde in the air.


   It can be seen, indoor air purifier to remove formaldehyde is effective, if you want to remove the home of formaldehyde air purifier is a good choice.



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