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   and enamel cup ceramic cup are two different cups, then enamel cup ceramic cup and which is better? To tell you about.




life, and many people use enamel cup ceramic cup water, very convenient to use, and then enamel cup ceramic cup which is better? Lets be detailed by look at these small household drinking water knowledge.


enamel cup: the metal surface coated with a layer of ceramic glaze, firing at high temperature; enamel surface is only one layer of metal, ceramic industry requires a good suspension and the like.


Ceramic Cup: coated ceramic glazes on the ceramic body by high temperature firing. Ceramic industry requires a good plasticity, moldability and firing whiteness; refractories requires high refractoriness, thus Chemically, the ceramic component and the rock composition no big difference.


refers to ceramic products with certain process out of iron "enamel" layer of ceramic, porcelain with a long time will fall out, exposing the inside of rust. Is pure porcelain and ceramic products do. As for how to recognize, of course, with the ears. Ceramic products will be revealed when knocking sound metal.


is a metal of enamel cup, the outer coating one kind of porcelain ware uranium. As troops with green bottle, basins and other everyday household iron. The ceramic is made by a dedicated soil, after calcination in the outside layer of baking enamel. Home used bowl, some rare blue and white porcelain bottle. Simply put enamel cup wrestling is not broken, broken ceramic cups fall.


So generally speaking ceramic cup water will be slightly better, but can not pay attention to the inner wall of the ceramic cup with a pattern, long-term drinking will cause some harm to the human body, to know which glass to drink water most security the problem is also very important.




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