TCL water purifier continuous efforts in the field of watpur

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   In the increasingly serious water pollution, lower the quality of life rising in recent years, demand for our water purifier market is increasing. 2017 China water purifier market reached 27.1 billion yuan, an increase of 33.2%, in 2018 China water purifier or sales volume will exceed 33 billion yuan. Water purification market to seize the golden period of development, TCL health appliances continuous efforts in the field of water purification.


   In the current water purifier market, the reverse osmosis technology has significant advantages in consumer demand continue to drive the future of reverse osmosis water purifier sales will continue to triumph, many water purifier brands also carry out in-depth technical research in this field of technology, and strive to seize the initiative in future space development. As one of the strength of the brand in the field of water purification, TCL has spared no effort in the development of innovation and technology upgrading reverse osmosis water purifier, the breakthrough industry pain points, and high-quality products to win market acceptance.

   reverse osmosis water purifier able to favored customers and industry attention, thanks to its powerful filtering effect, RO reverse osmosis membrane pore size can be as small as one millionth of a human hair, forcefully remove impurities in tap water, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. A reverse osmosis water purification unit determines the output of the filter is the core of drinking water, which is the soul RO reverse osmosis membrane element of the filter element. On the one hand, high-precision RO reverse osmosis membrane, ensure the health of water quality, pure, delicious; on the other hand, the cartridge is a consumable, its quality will affect the length of the life cycle.

   in technological innovation, TCL water purifier has an innate advantage, relying on strong technical strength Group, TCL adhere to build water purifiers, water quality concept, and constantly develop innovative multi-functional water purification product. TCL water purifier cap from the first half to the full cover purifier water purifier tank, the water from the two-film single film to water, from the manual control buttons to control the touch screen to the wireless WIFI intelligent control, from a single solution to the water problem whole house water purification programs, TCL in the field of water purification water purifiers comply with the needs of the times, TCL water purifiers continued to lead the technological innovation and upgrading, TCL water purifier full range of water quality optimization, TCL purifier effectively protect the health of consumers of drinking water demand.

   on the product price, TCL water purifiers and improve production technology, optimize costs, in the same configuration of products in the market, TCL water purifier strive to technical and price advantage to the market. in order toMeet the different regions, different needs of consumer groups, TCL also launched a water purifier user a variety of differentiated products to meet the diverse needs.


   The industry there is a saying: one who has mastered the core technology, grasps the water purification market. With consumer health consciousness and elevate the standard of living, household water purifiers coming years will "just be" change, no doubt this is a water purifier market rapid development of the golden age. TCL brand strength as a water purifier, constantly blessing technological innovation research and development, industry breakthrough pain points, and according to consumer demand to design more scientific, more humane, more high-quality water purification products. Future water purification industry will develop rapidly, water purification products will become the standard in every home.

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