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   health is a hot topic the past two years. Many friends began to pay attention to diet, exercise often, to enhance the quality of their lives. In recent years, especially in the face of urban pollution, whether it is harmful gases or radioactive materials industry aggravation chemical plant emissions, they are every moment to remind people how to prevent their own health at risk. Especially safe drinking water, many families is the primary concern in this regard, water is an essential element of living, each person needs to drink about 2000 ml per day, now home drinking water contained impurities, attachments seriously overweight, so many families have to buy a water purifier to filter impurities, to drink safe and healthy drinking water.

   However, the use of water purification equipment is necessarily safe science of choice? Online exposure a set of data during the past period, the water purifier brand product sampling survey in the year 2016, 16 water purifiers production manufacturers of products of inferior quality, and these substandard products factory sales last year at about 10 million water purification equipment, data other people speechless. The face of rising water purification industry, the quality of the door, it was an enormous loophole.


   The difference between the quality of worrying manufacturers gullies

   last year, the entire appliance industry growth rate of only 0.25%, while the growth rate of the water purifier market more than 60%. Is expected in the next five years, my countrys water purifier market will reach 300 billion or size. Although my country water purifier market sales data is good, but our water purifier market is still in its infancy. Between the brand and the brand price and quality are there is a big difference.

   in the market, the price of some brands only about a few hundred dollars, you only need to use it in the sleeve on the faucet, and some brands of water purifier prices in tens of thousands of pieces, the huge price gap, confusing. In addition, there are many manufacturers play "beauty, anti-cancer" and other slogans in the process of selling but in the experts, the actual function of water purifier is purified water impurities, bacteria, and beauty, anti-cancer function of this may be just a kind of marketing ploy, and the relationship between drinking water is not large.

   In addition, some manufacturers in order to cheaper plans, the configuration of the activated carbon filter water purifier in only a few dollars only, but after the sale of packaged water purifier actually be thousands of dollars, a hundred times the price doubled , but the actual configuration transferred seriously, product qualityThe amount of people really worrying.

   chaos in the industry, water purification equipment manufacturers lack a unified regulatory

   rapid growth

   an industry will be accompanied by the emergence of the pros and cons of the current domestic water purifier manufacturers have been more than 3,000 home, and this data will continue to rise in the face of a large number of users need more water purification equipment of all, the future path of development water purification industry will also be excellent, but in the manufacture of products still exist poor quality, hype, high prices and other negative news. These problems speaking or from the four aspects.

   a unified standard operation extremely difficult, currently the industry standard is promulgated QB / T4143, QB / T4144, although the standard has been, but many manufacturers to black-box operation, to find ways to avoid a unified standard " size "for their own interests not to execute industry standards.

   Second, the plethora of brands, hard to concentrate management. Water purification equipment YiRun see where, one night many manufacturers are beginning to start a water purifier. Currently in China there are more than 400 brand manufacturers. But truly high-quality brand is one of the few manufacturers, more small manufacturers just put the interests of the first place, the atmosphere of the moment do attitude products, so as to increase the centralized management of the water industry.

   Third, experience poor. For now, the experience of water purification equipment is not perfect, consumers in the purchase process is very difficult to distinguish the merits of products, and the current domestic cleaner inspection agency is imperfect, and a small number of expensive, many manufacturers skip this part, direct sale.

   Fourth, many of my friends back home will have to mind more likely to trust foreign brands to buy, this point is not on the merchant gave me the opportunity to make profits. Many small factories in order to meet everyones reason, deliberately changed some well-known foreign brand or brands since a similar brand name and sell them, and for their products exaggerated propaganda, even false propaganda to induce users to buy products, although so let many manufacturers have tasted the sweetness and great benefits, but at the same time so that the deterioration of the development of the space industry as a whole.

   expert ideas on how to buy water purification equipment technology?

   water purifier, also known as water purifier, water purifier, is based on the use of water on the water quality depth filtration, water purification treatment equipment. usuallyTalking about water purifiers, generally it refers to small purifiers used as home use. Its technical core of the filter element in the filtration membrane apparatus, the main and the RO membrane technology from two kinds of reverse osmosis membranes. Chemical agents can effectively filter the water purifier rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides. Can effectively remove impurities bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals in water.

   user during the purchase, first check to see products distributor sales documents (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc.) are complete. Also, are there health permits the state health department issued the health and safety of drinking water.

   Secondly, according to different cities and regions targeted purchase, for North China, especially like this there are many factories around Beijing city, the high chlorine water, the taste is extremely heavy for such a family the proposed purchase reverse osmosis water purifier to use.

   Further, the north and south of high hardness of limestone areas, the water calcium, the higher content of magnesium ion, with an ion exchange resin should buy advanced filter cartridge water purifier. Chlorinated water, heavier odor heterochromatic regions, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier.

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