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   HC Network stall and water purification appliances, seems to be " irrelevant, "the two things. However, for a long time, many appliance dealers in many rural markets, is from this "big catch set", "street vendor" start. That is, essentially, as long as the ship is a good channel.


   stall the economy, is becoming the most recent years, the central and local activation of individual economy, an important starting point and a breakthrough to solve household income growth. Well, this round of "stall the economy", but also can add a fire appliance market sales for the season? Meanwhile, many appliance manufacturers, but also how to seize this round of "stall the economy," the market opportunity and the point of it?

   said "Happy Plumbing ducks." Since last week, Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other retailers, have launched a "stall support" program. Where Ali announced more than 70 billion yuan of interest-free credit, purchase and provide operational support to over 30 million stall; Jingdong announced that it will organize more than 50 billion supply, providing interest-free credit up to 100,000 yuan for each store, support shop and stall the economy; Suning launch night stroll partner program to provide low-interest support program start-up capital of 2 billion night Market and so on.

   June 4, the US group announced the official, already open "to spread economic" market promotion big screen. Photo shows US gas stoves, the US water purification machines and other products, has begun selling in cities and towns bazaar, stall, "is expected then there will be more beautiful small appliances on" stall promotion "pace.

   In fact, the reference to "spread the economy", the first reaction of people is not a lot of home appliances, "low grade", but: ah well, you can find a place to put a share, selling home appliances in the summer, anyway idle is idle; the second reaction is, some of the public kitchen electric type, small appliances should sell well, especially in summer season home appliances; third reaction, perhaps to preempt the next stall economic cities, whether you serve be at least a bit of advertising brands, look for opportunities to point.

   It is clear that the current shipping eager to find a breakthrough in many household appliances dealers, especially in the rural village primary market dealers. It has taken business and survive,Is based on the "stall the economy," the essence and the key point: go from village to channeling Lane, did not miss any time promotion, promotional opportunities point. In a certain sense, this is not just a pyrotechnic gas, or the survival of the foundation of many businesses. The maximum

   Again, this is a "stall the economy" beneficiaries in the appliance industry, it is home appliance stores and dealers on the second and third tier cities market. Over the past forced "amenity improvement," a lot of night stalls and stall the economy have been no small influence and impact, many appliance sales forced to move to the area and squares, lack of popularity. Now, start planning some well-known around the stall concentration area, which is undoubtedly popular areas of focus will undoubtedly appliance dealer for some of the terminal promotion, sellers, platform and opportunity to provide some points.

   can be expected, under the impetus of "effective management, low barriers to entry, broad participation" and the wave of economic stall is certainly not a gust of wind, rain, but will continue to scratch it. So, which requires home appliance manufacturers together to discuss and develop appropriate local market the next six months, or even longer "to spread economic" program activities, involving the main push products, promotions, events and differentiated content.

   forearmed, not pre-waste. Many appliance manufacturers, appliance dealers in particular, we must pay attention to this round of "stall economy" start, develop and landing. On the one hand, we should actively learn about local policies and to spread the enclave, in-depth understanding of the actual operations of the local market stall, rather than blindly follow; on the other hand, you need to see the market and customer needs, planning for spread product economy category, promotions, as well as staffing and price positioning.

   Of course, push up and down together "to spread the economy" in the end to give the home appliance industry what brings, but also the test of time. But one thing, home appliances circle that, for many dealers in the market, whether it is in the city or suburbs, towns or villages in the primary market, should be noted that each round of economic restructuring and social change, with to business opportunities.


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