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   According to the CCTV network news: For better quality, more and more families start using the water purifier, which also makes the quality of the water purifier of healthy relationships with consumers increasingly close. But recently, Jiangsu Province, food safety regulator for water purifiers for sampling, the sampling results disappointing, quality problems many brands of water purifiers.



   The sampling of products from Jiangsu Province, a number of markets, including Suning, Five Star, Shop No. 1, Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong and other channels, covering a large market most brand, sampling a total of 60 batches. However, the water purifier detection result is surprising, of which only 24 lots to meet the requirements, pass rate reached 40%, while product labeling arbitrary standard is serious, labels pass rate was 25%. In addition, a water purifier also focuses on the detection of heavy metals by filtration, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, microbial effect. Monitoring found that over time the filter, water purifier downward trend of heavy metal removal efficiency. Individual batches of water purifier removal of trichloromethane and carbon tetrachloride is low, manufacturers cut corners reason is poor PP cotton cartridge used, such as activated carbon material, the capacity is too small, the adsorption capacity is limited.

   then the index of a water purifier how to be qualified?

   purification capacity of the water purifier is qualified, a key decision index is the total net amount of water. The total net amount of water eligibility depends on two water quality is qualified, first paragraph and the last paragraph of water water. Only these two water quality are qualified, this only means that the total net amount of water purifier of possible qualified. Simply put, the total net amount of water refers to the set of a water purifier filter to filter the total output of qualified water purification.

   to buy water purifier when should pay attention to what matters?

   first have to purchase health permit approval number of products, based on product number of information available on the website whether Wei Planning Commission has approved health; note the following key indicators of the second purchase water purification products, such as water flow and total net amount of water. When a water purifier in accordance with the specification requirements of more timelyChange the filter, to prevent safety risks caused by extended use.

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