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   home water purifier market as a gold mine last appliance market, increasingly competitive market, water purification agents to join to how to seize the opportunities? Water purifier water purifier brand Falan Ni think of agents to join selection and management is very important.

   In todays Internet + rapid development of the traditional channels has been no small impact, but still are dominant, but Falan Ni water purifier believe in cooperation select retail end, at different stages of deal with.

   Fa Lanni:! Extreme disapproval

   different terminals different role, depending on their positioning business. In general, the role of a few large retail terminal appliances all have focused, for example, generally optimistic about the current business of home building materials stores, mainly from the functional orientation have focused on the renovation needs of users and is being renovated, building materials channel recently widely installed categories favor appliances business. Indeed, with the decoration, one-stop purchasing popular, more and more consumers choose to buy shorten the time and effort of building materials and home store because of special features and recruited a large number of highly targeted consumer group. Whether or cross-industry co-brand self-built, all in order to pre-sales, advance the throttle user consumption.

   and for large chain stores, there are signs of decline in recent years. On the one hand due to the high costs, on the other hand large chain stores itself is in transition, in particular, to highlight the fact that online as well as a comprehensive business transformation. But it is undeniable that the big chain stores is still one of the main channel of the current home appliance industry, is the most appropriate and most effective venue benchmark price and branding, but also the price control platform.

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   stores, among the most fire self-built channels. The reason why store in recent years has been towards the development mainstream channels, probably to make money and profit transformation more practical to store because the main function has been demonstrated by the mere brand, it turns out, whether it is community promotion or marketing services, stores are undoubtedly the best and most powerful carrier convincing, but also the water purifier to join the core competencies and the right to self-agent market discourse reflected.

   water purifiers top ten brands Falan Ni reason why businesses can not go to extremes, mainly to keep their eyes open on its own power consumption characteristics of the local market and various terminal functions and positioning. A few years ago, a large number of agents because the press tomorrow in Dalian and locked the verge of delisting of the situation, but this is a more extreme modes of operation. whenHowever, we can not give up because of the large chain stores make money. On the one hand, to be different at different stages of positioning, the big chains can increase the height of the brand, enhance consumer confidence in the brand; on the other hand to adjust, such as electricity providers have the advantage of brand promotion.

   Falan Ni: depends on input and output, particularly rental ratio

   a variety of resource-oriented retail end, depends on the actual input and output, to calculate the rental ratio!. In addition, the terminal is limited financial resources, businesses need to do what, at some stage to concentrate resources in a certain area or on a terminal form, in case of shortage of funds or conditions do not allow "non-spread black pepper" concentrate superior forces to fight a battle of annihilation, and sometimes better. Of course, to find the right degree, distinguish between different circumstances, to choose depending on the location, in order to change the situation for the industry principle. However, the current trend of the home appliance channel derived point of view, the resources appropriately directed to the store after all, a strategy, with particular emphasis on investment and construction of the terminal stores.

   and the retail end of cooperation, in fact, often mentioned in addition to the maintenance of customer intelligence, the most important thing is to establish a community of interests with the retail mall. For retail terminals, to the same sales and profits. Regular special machine will push down gross profit mall. So, the two sides reached in the alliance based on common interests and promotional activities, the more chance of winning the chips. For example, several high-end brands coalition launched the "quality and not on price activity" to achieve win-win situation. Now support for high-end shopping malls brand dynamics is quite large, especially in the industry or category on behalf of the brand, in the same activities and promotion, store brand can contribute to profits for their resources will be tilted.

   In addition, the Group believes Falan Ni water purification products price control is the key! If the retail price volatility is bound to affect brand reputation among users. Not to collect the price, not only to ensure that the brand image and reputation, but also the profits of manufacturers guarantee. The solution is to curve through giveaways to attract users, while prices remained firm. Falan Ni water purifier always control prices, designed to make water purification agents to join the income is not damaged, water purifier aid better and faster development agencies to join!

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