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  Focus on water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, water purifier brand joined the diversified development, brand love good Seoul stores dominate the market, net of the spring water purifier to the agent franchisee aid policy "zoom trick." Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (119--. 11 15) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   water purifier brand joined diversification love Guy brand stores dominate the market

   seems to have become a water purifier 21 most Chaoyang century, the most worthwhile investment industry. - With the intensification of environmental pollution and improve the standard of living, the general public became a water purifier home life of essential goods. Water purifier seems to have become the most sun of the 21st century, the most worthwhile investment industry. But the real distribution to investors of the value of profits brought water purifier brand is Feng Mao. [Click for more]

   net of the spring water purifier to the agent franchisee aid policy "Zoom trick"

   In recent years, water purifier industry market is growing rapidly, attracting a large number of agents franchisee involved in the water purification industry, but due to the water purification industry entry threshold is not high, water purifier manufacturers in the thousands, water purifier manufacturers strength parameter eat uneven, some of the water purification agents franchisee because there is no alternative to the right brand ultimately ended in failure. [Click for more]

   congratulated Lee signed a cooperation agreement to join the water purifier

   with the clear spring

   November 2015 Monday 9 May, the company ushered in a former Director Li from Guangxi Guiping to clear mountain spring company, and with the clear spring signed an agency agreement. After Li Guiping from the last few years we saw a large outbreak of the water purifier market, decided to invest in this industry. After six months of investigation, and ultimately chose to partner with clear spring. [Click for more]

   On the water purifier at home pleasure to join the agency business is not bitter

   The reason why many entrepreneurs feel bitter and tired, on the one hand is a big market competition, the survival pressure , coupled with lack of experience early days, struggling to cope. On the other hand is the lack of direction, a problem no one pointing, had blood shot relying start a business, what now do not shun, their persistence in the end should or should not he can hold on long, sort of problems continue to ask questions in the heart, resulting in lack of confidence,Lack of momentum to do things. [Click for more]

   water purifier manufacturers Mai heart of the development of agents

   At present, the water purification industry has shown a boom, it indicates that household water purifiers will be universal in our country . And behind this prosperity is widespread there are two, one is a lot of water purifier manufacturers generally compete with emotion large investment difficult, and second, a lot of water purifier manufacturers can not help agents open market. These two phenomena of mass destruction business is very large, water purifier manufacturers to survive and develop, we must open up the market to sell products through agents to join the water purifier. [Click for more]

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