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  Too cold in winter? Water purifiers also need antifreeze! Author: Tim net water purifier Views: 453 Published: 2016-12-19 9:44:26 temperature across the country between warm and cold wandering, this years winter more than ever before winter cold. People not only want to antifreeze, water purifiers also need antifreeze. Improper maintenance, easily lead to pipe blockage or burst purifier. Therefore, the conservation of water purifier is particularly important in the winter. 鍐ぉ澶喎?鍑€姘村櫒涔熼渶瑕侀槻鍐?_鍑€姘村櫒 First, the winter temperature is too low due precautions, water pipes burst easily occur. If the water supply pipes the cracking occurred during the water supply and turn off the water purifier water inlet valve, turn on the tap after the first runoff, discharge silt in the water supply pipe, and then open the inlet valve and let water purifier work, avoid sediment mixed construction, rust and other debris into the water purifier, ultrafiltration or pure water cause blocking filter in a short time sewage, permeate flow decreased. Second, if the freezing measures water purifier water purifier installed outdoors, antifreeze measures must, without freezing measures may lead to a filter flask, and the like membrane shell cracking. Must stop using the water purifier temperature below zero; installed indoors must ensure that temperature not lower than 0 掳, since the water volume expands during the solidification process, if the freezing, leading to the direct line of all the water purifier, filter bottle , and other membrane shell will burst, whereby leakage occurs. If not using the water purifier or need to go out, the inlet valve must be closed, the discharge pressure of all the water in the tub, to check the appearance of the machine is normal before re-use, in order to confirm the normal power source connected to water, preparation of drained a bucket of water is also recommended. Third, the water purifier icing measures the overall purifier stand at room temperature 10 deg.] C higher than room thawed naturally for 30 hours before continuing to use the boot. During this mechanism can not be forced open water, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine. After boot check whether there is water leakage if water leakage occurs, retighten the corresponding parts or contact your dealer.

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