which water purifier brand is the best- Pay attention to wh

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   As we all know, it depends on the water purifier filter element and the filter mass is critical. In addition to selecting brand, to buy water purifier also depends on what kind of water purifier to meet the quality requirements of your home. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier points to note.



   1: Learn local water

   is located in city water chlorine, heavy odor and a high organic content, you may be treated with activated carbon more household water purifiers. Since activated carbon has a strong adsorption of different color and odor of residual chlorine in water, organic matter is also removed a significant role.

   2: See water purification filter

   limestone calcium and magnesium ions in water areas high hardness water and the south than in northern China high, easy to scale. Water purifier filter should be selected with an ion exchange resin cartridge. In order to purify tap water turbidity urban and rural areas, should buy a home water purifier pre-filter and fine filter has a dual function.

   3: See mounting method

   Currently, there are three main types of water purifiers. It is directly connected to the tap water purifier low price, poor results. A wall-mounted water purifier PP cotton and various activated carbon, slightly better purification effect. There is also a large kitchen water purifier, there are two types: the type of pipe and filter type. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to several million.

   4: whether through the national testing

   In fact, the national requirements for water-related products requires approval of the Ministry of Health. Consumers can ask to see credentials of the Ministry of Health website, to determine whether the brand product approval.

   5: water purifier brand and qualifications

   We buy water purifier water purifier brand to understand and qualifications, from a well-knownThe big brands start to see whether the brand has a State Department-approved health permits, whether through the identification of national technical supervision departments, and in line with the national "drinking water quality standards."

   to know more to buy water purifier knowledge, we can avoid to buy counterfeit water purifier on the market. Next, Ill recommend you for a water purifier brand, so you can avoid a lot of detours in the counter to buy!

   plus fresh water purifier brand

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   fresh water plus water purification products has a good filtering effect, integrated pipeline design patterns, so you do not have to worry about the leaking water purifier, after the purchase, will arrange professional home installation, rest assured that the professional does not charge installation cost. Add fresh water purifier has been recognized by consumers. It enjoys a high reputation, plus the introduction of fresh water tankless pipeline machine. It looks simple atmosphere, lightweight body. Add fresh water purifiers in the home appliance industry has gained widespread popularity and influence, and has a good brand reputation.

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