One tenth of the pricof water purifiers = diseasmedical expe

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鍑€姘村櫒鐨勪环鏍?= 鐤剧梾鍖荤枟璐圭敤鐨勫崄鍒嗕箣涓€ I have a friend, kidney stones, chosen for various reasons he has no health insurance, a plan late last year, surgery plus medical expenses spent nearly three million. This income is not high, he really is not a small burden. And a top three hospital doctors gave him medicine apart, solemnly remind him: "You have to pay attention to their drinking water a day is valid, conditional to buy a water purifier it!" Showing his illness and have unclean drinking water important relationship.

   Why do you say that? Kidney is the bodys largest organ filter, it put into our bodies to filter out impurities, non-stop all the time to be with our blood filtration process, it is useful to make to stay they re-enter the blood circulation, it is useless to store the bladder was filtered off, and then excreted into urine.

   However, when the impurity content is too high among the water we drink, when the kidneys to bear a very heavy burden filter, once some impurities can not be effectively filtered out, they will slowly accumulate in our bodies down deep in the course of time, it would likely be formed stones (e.g., gallstones, kidney stones). At the same time, we also may damage the kidney cells.

   In fact, the drinking water of impurities and other pollutants harmful to the health of more than that. According to the survey, the countrys overall light pollution of surface water, where the Yellow River, Huaihe River, Haihe River, Liaohe River, Songhua River five water pollution, groundwater monitoring points nationwide in 4778, about two-thirds of poor and very poor water quality. According to the "National groundwater pollution prevention plan" introduced over 90 percent of urban groundwater has been contaminated. As for water pollution incidents in recent years, media coverage is endless. According to the Ministry of Supervision to statistics, in recent years, water pollution accident in more than a year since 1700. Guangxi cadmium pollution incident four years ago from Qujing "illegal dumping of chromium residue" event to three years ago; from the Shanghai Huangpu River floating dead pigs last year, to this years Lanzhou water benzene exceeded, Nanjing tap the discovery of antibiotics event ... ... our current situation can be described as drinking water safety breaches. Increasingly intensified water pollution, has posed a grave threat to peoples health - after all, this is our daily source of drinking water.

   The problem is that, due to the water pollution on human health, directly or indirectly harm is a long, subtle process, it can easily be overlooked. If the water quality is poor, often naked eye to see the impurities in the water. But in some places the water looked clean, but it can smell the chlorine smell. askThe problem is, in addition to bleach in tap water is not no other hazardous substances out? No! Invisible smell more terrible, mainly because some heavy metals and bacteria, these substances for the human body injury is far greater than the smell bleaching powder. ?

   So, how to minimize impurities and contaminants in the water it is recommended that the doctor mentioned above, the most convenient and most effective: to install a quality water purifier a quality! the water purifier can filter out for our families to clean drinking water, not only directly to drink, pure taste, and pure water into the body, will reduce the burden on the kidneys filter to protect the birth of the kidney, but also reduces the other aspects of the health risks, create good conditions for our health and longevity.

   food to the water first, as a net source of water. Install a home water purifier is equivalent to a whole family safe vitro "kidney"! Drink healthy water, healthy drinking water, in order to enjoy a healthy life. Now a high-quality water purifiers, but also about three thousand dollars, and if the body collapsed, health did not, I am afraid that your annual cost of treatment may be more than thirty thousand. To say the least, even if you have a Medicare card, can be reimbursed part of the cost, but high health costs, really afford it?

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