The reason appears musty water

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   reason tap water appears musty what? This in the end is how ah, I think there might be on its own water tower or faucet for a long time did not lead to clean up, here come under the specific description.


our daily drinking water more or less have some small problems, some smell, some chlorine too heavy, and so on, but there is a certain worthy of serious consideration, and that is water musty, we should tricky, musty produce toxins, this will pose a threat to our health, and even lead to treatment. So how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, the only way to eliminate excessive impurities in the water, then tap water at home what causes appear musty is it? what should we do.


In fact, this situation is normal, in the case of water supply enterprises to take serious water pollution will be added to serve higher chlorine disinfectant caused by water, it will smell the bleach smell. But the factory is in line with the water quality drinking standards. If you think you can stand the smell next day boil drinking water storage.


domestic water filters buy it recommended US home water purifier:


First: 5 m pore size filter PPF PPF filter of 5 microns, which can effectively remove rust water, coarse sand and other solid impurities.


Second: granular activated carbon filter particles of high adsorption of activated carbon, which can effectively absorb chlorine, odor, color and other substances in the water.


The third: 1渭m PPF filter 1渭m PPF filter, can more effectively remove small particles of water molecules.


Fourth Road: RO reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane can effectively remove bacteria, toxins, heavy metal ions, salt and other harmful substances.


Fifth Road: Post antibacterial activated carbon filter suppressing bacteria reproduction, improving water taste.


Water hazards:




1 by the chlorine disinfection of water, but that does not make health indicators of tap water to drinking water standards, water or there will be more microorganisms . Basic boiling can kill these microorganisms.


2. Chlorine disinfection have chlorine in tap water and other harmful residual chlorides. Most of these have boiledPest will break down volatile.


3. The water conveying pipe does not reach the standard of drinking water, likely to cause pollution during transportation.


of the above is small series to introduce more small household drinking water knowledge to make in this site.




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