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in full swing era of the development of the water purification industry, few companies pay attention to the township water purifier market this big cake, many water purifier manufacturers still think that high levels of consumption is a second-tier cities the mainstream market. Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers Goldis rain inventive, resource integration, innovative layout, open blue ocean market towns water purifier, water purifier market towns leveraging gold.

   Chinas vast territory, but the real big city is so several, water purifier into China has 30 years of history, a long time, people have to look into the dense personnel, developed economy in urban areas, but it ignores a crucial factor: the reason why China can be called the consumer, not just rely on the citys approval pull, as well as more than half of the rural township population consumes huge impetus to the market.

   Shenzhen Water Purifier Goldis rainforest total investment highlighted in the meeting, "Our goal is not only to secure the urban market, rural towns but also to firmly make these new markets. Over the years a second-tier cities in reclamation, the market has been based on saturated, currently most of the water purifier brands are four-tier cities to seize the market, and we need to walk in front of everyone, innovative layout, put rural towns market preempt future water purifier the battle to snatch the market is bound to expand in rural markets, and we have to do is to get an absolute advantage before the war. "

   in recent years, Chinas economic development has been rapid, rural economy has been rapidly increasing, township and differences in urban consumption gradually reduced, township general improvement in living standards, spending power has been greatly increased. Along with economic growth, strengthening of health awareness and change consumer attitudes, rural people more and more attention to the quality and safety of life, there is enough idle funds for consumption, more and more consumers are willing to buy a water purifier to protect your family safe drinking water.

   water pollution from the township of view, many industrial towns settled areas, peri-urban industrial pollution and emissions from domestic wastewater, the township will inevitably tragic "fish" innocent lie guns, plus some rural areas of agricultural production base , agricultural pollution worsening trend, quality and safety are under increasing threat, there is a greater demand for water purifiers.

   Who leveraging the rural market gold? Shenzhen Shi Yu at the forefront of the industry, a positive change in policy, pay attention to the rural market, the consumer market in 2015 withHeavy water purifier market towns recruit agents to join, strengthen rural water purifier franchisee support policies to increase rural market branding and water purification propaganda, so that consumers better understand the hazards of water pollution, water purifier play a key role in peoples daily lives.

   In this competitive environment, water purifier market, who can move faster, open up new markets and win business opportunities, who will be able in the water purifier market position of absolute dominance, market, access to wealth. Shenzhen Water Purifier Goldis rain actively explore the rural market, and you work together to promote the development of rural water purifier, common Nuggets township this huge wealth of gold!

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