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   July, province destroy inferior 鈪?water into the acceptance stage of work. From the provinces monitoring data, reflecting the provinces major rivers, water quality control, municipal control monitoring section improved significantly. Early registration cancellation section inferior inferior class 鈪?small micro and water quality, some have reached or exceeded the 鈪? But the source of the provinces water environment governance, anti-rebound task is still very heavy.

   the past few days, reporters follow the Zhejiang Flood Control Office (Provincial Office of river length) Fangzu went around, from small to micro-water rivers, all over the field to see the source of governance implementation, analysis of water quality reasons repeated, deeply adhere to the scientific destroy inferior significance.

   interception nanotube get through the last kilometer

   in a water environment "cut, clear, cure, repair," the four sessions, interception nanotube is the source of sewage treatment infrastructure work . Interception nanotube is not in place, dredging cleaning, comprehensive management, ecological restoration work half done, often the rule and governance, with little success.

   Recently, the reporter destroy inferior to participate in the provinces supervision in Wuyi found that dredging twice a year a local spa resort not long river, but the water quality has not improved at all. A staff member said that due to the local sewer network is not through, a large spa resort near the shower waste water discharged directly into the river. In order to maintain beautiful river and response-related assessment, local only through frequent dredging and other temporary measures, to barely maintain water quality.

   is the citys sewage treatment plant kidneys, sewer network is the blood, the only perfect interception nanotube project, in order to ensure the health of the body of the city. In recent years, across the province invested tens of billions of funds to implement the project interception nanotube, filled the last remaining city construction debts to some extent. But high-quality interception nanotube project involving the transformation of the entire city underground pipe network reconstruction and long construction period, involving departments, units and more. Wuyi like this because the progress of the project differ, not through the pipeline network extends lead to recurrent problems of river pollution occurs in all parts.

   comprehensive interception nanotube, and even to achieve "zero waste water straight row," not only is the need to destroy bad water management, as well as a modernization process of urban construction must go through.

   the moment, to small town is improvement in each metropolitan area is also a high level of infrastructure. Around we should take advantage of this opportunity, Strict quality, timely through, to avoid wrong connection, fumbled. "Interception nanotube to get through the last publicAnd even in the last meter, the full realization of the source of cutting pollution. "Xu Lu in the provincial flood control office (provincial long river Office) Deputy Director has always stressed this point.

   non-point source pollution to strengthen the concept of environmental protection

   improve river water quality, residents lamented," As a boy swim across the river back, "but that is easier to ignore sources of pollution have emerged.

   reporters in the sea salt unannounced visits found located in the city of Cheng pool after the rain became very turbid. according to the plan, the water to go to end of this month to complete the inspection, but with the present water quality, certainly not achieve destroy inferior acceptance criteria. not around industrial enterprises, residential areas near bodies of water has long been the demolition of vacated, pollution where they come from?

   accompanied by the provincial flood control do (province river long run) experts told reporters, Haiyan Cheng pool mainly due to urban non-point source pollution and water pollution points source pollution source pollution two kinds. point source pollution, such as industrial discharges, through interception nanotube etc. to be solving engineering measures, but non-point source pollution is no fixed point of discharge, may be farmland fertilizer and pesticides, it could be on city road oil dust after rain washed into the water, causing water pollution.

   plane source pollution can not cure with measures of engineering, can easily cause water pollution repeatedly. many people lamented the primary flood control, point source pollution control, non-point source pollution difficult to prevent, "to ensure that small and micro water quality is not repeated, sometimes more than a river remediation harder. "how to reduce non-point source pollution at the source? provincial flood Control Office (provincial Office of river length), experts say, people need to strengthen the concept of environmental protection to achieve a greener lifestyle change in production.

   in agricultural production, Zhejiang has introduced pesticides, fertilizers double reduction of related programs. Next, around the need to promote the implementation of change in the past farmers irrigation drainage widely spread insecticide and fertilizer production model, through soil testing and fertilizer, straw, water and fertilizer integration and "three marsh" comprehensive utilization technology, while improving agricultural productivity, minimize agricultural pollution.

   in their daily lives, all localities should focus on education, supervision and management, help we develop water-saving, love the water, protect water good habits in Jinhua, caring for local people to set up ecological laundry in the river Square pond, both to meet the needs of everyone daily washing, laundry and solve the problem of environmental pollution waste water; Hangzhou martial arts under the city streets and street merchants signed an agreement, asked us not to put leftovers, garbage, oil is poured into water wells,Develop environmental civilized habits.

   long river system to implement the plan ensure long-term

   as the main party responsible for all levels of river length, take care of the river, governance, protection of responsibility, which is in Zhejiang years of accumulated flood valuable experience, but also destroy inferior anti-kickback system to protect the fundamental and long-lasting.

   These days, found a strange phenomenon when the provincial flood control office (provincial river long run) Fangzu check in Zhoushan, many local river a few hundred meters along the river, the river can not find even a long publicity card. In this water shortage on the island of Jintang, and build a new one called the River of river pollution victims of multiple sewage, construction of waste water, but could not be contacted Fangzu river length.

   Golden Town Government feedback that the publicity card long river river Lek big line provided outside the green belt, found the problem from Fangzu reach a certain distance. Currently, the town has moved to the middle of the river obvious publicity card position, and immediately organized personnel to the town Inland long range bulletin boards set up to conduct a comprehensive Paimo further regulate the number and location settings. At the same time, long river at all levels to step up inspections management efforts.

   Reporters also found that unannounced visits throughout the year, some local leaders have been adjusted, but the information of river length bulletin boards have been slow to update, as decoration. River is a long river governance primarily responsible for security, long river patrol performance of their duties not in place, or even contact, consolidating destroy inferior outcomes from talking about what?

   In order to ensure long river system implemented this year, Zhejiang will further standardize the operation of the system in Zhejiang long river system, and plans for long river system legislation, clear river length, river length to do the division of responsibilities and authorities. According to the six task long river system, and Zhejiang will also establish relevant technical standards. Will grow on river water management protection, ecological restoration involves water, river and lake health assessment and other related fields, are rules to follow, according to the law.

   information, a large flood of Zhejiang weapon. To improve the long river management efficiency, enhance public supervision, mobile version of Zhejiang long river system information platform will also optimize the sound. Later this year, Zhejiang Province, municipal long river system information platform will gradually complete data docking, when the river length assessment oversight, public oversight of water quality, can complete a key on the phone.

   flood if one moves. Coastal part of the sales numbers have been worse than Grade 鈪?rally, reminding us once again, adhere to the scientific flood control,The source of governance, focus on long-term imperative.

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