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   In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, especially e-commerce penetration of the Internet, the consumer has been escalating, therefore, as a water purifier business, we are constantly looking for breakthrough transformation of the road, to seek new ways development of a more long-term. In recent years, my countrys economic development has entered a new normal, depressed market for many businesses lost confidence in the future, companies need the courage to toss water purifier, based outlet, the future will certainly make a difference.

   have difficulty growing enterprises should have the courage to toss

   economic environment, the downturn is the norm. Water purification industry is facing overcapacity, market capacity is relatively saturated, the urgent need to upgrade the industrial structure and other issues. But these problems are not the short term can be solved, it is impossible to rely on a field terminal manufacturers promotional resolved. Although the situation is grim, people can not be all water purifiers necessary too nervous and pessimistic. Water purification industry has a lot of good companies and businesses, most experienced difficult times, there is no civil strife outside pain, no grinding experience difficulties, businesses can not grow up.

   At present, the Chinese economy is pain, also means that the governments macro-control and influence will gradually weaken, water purifiers for some companies, if you want to rely on dividend policy to grab the market, do not get down to the market and consumer-oriented, value creation, for fear that will become increasingly uncomfortable. Under such circumstances, a water purifier companies should not be afraid of change, just change is the most terrible, the market, for now, change the pass, becomes the win. Regardless of the product, or marketing model,

   consumption, many people feel that weakness in China water purifier market, demand is relatively saturated, and no government investment policies, how the market may be improving. actually not. Depression entity chain stores, online promotion but may booming. Furthermore, the consumption potential of the Chinese market is far from being completely excavated. The reason why the current consumer market is not to force fundamental reason is that consumer needs are not met, there is no suitable how good their products allow users to pay? Therefore, to resolve consumer problems, so-called supply-side reforms must open up and reform demand side, the establishment of strategic relationship.

   reforms over the past 20 years, the emergence and development of the Internet, so that the market has undergone enormous changes. The Internet allows companies a more direct understanding of user needs, change the spending habits of the market, because many companies grasp the pulse of the Internet stand out, of course, there are many companies because of discomfortThis change should be eliminated. In the future, big data, cloud computing will play an increasingly important role in the market for water purification companies, can not wait for these forces to reform his own life, but can not blame the market changes too quickly. To win, you need under the new situation, seize outlet, create change, leading change.

   aspects of science and technology, science and technology development in the direction of uncertainty, but it is certain that, if the water purifier business can combine science and technology development, real-time updating their technical strength, combined with the corresponding product, will generate revenue unimaginable. And China water purifier industry is currently most lacking, it is the difference between a good product, quality and new technology. This will also be the direction of the entire industry over the next five years or even longer break.

   market situation situation and downs, the transformation strain is victorious enterprises to maintain fundamental way. Especially in the current, the face of poor market conditions, water purifier and has been negative if not, do not complain, clutching three outlet with courage and wisdom, will be able to open up a new world.

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