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  Increasingly serious water pollution urge China water purifier market each year are 45% of the rate of increase in development, some experts predict that the next few years will be formed billions of huge consumer market. Many people of insight to capture this opportunity, have chosen to join the water purifier entrepreneurship, but more than 5,000 domestic water purifier manufacturers, brand fish in a small cottage industry spoiler, investors often can not start when selecting water purifier manufacturers . Select more than effort, if not deep understanding of the industry, it is necessary to examine in-depth, multi-comparison, multi-screened to find their own water purifier to join the brand. 閫夋嫨鏉傜墝鍑€姘村櫒鍘傚灏嗗悗鎮f棤绌? width=

   First, brand awareness is not enough, the product quality is no guarantee

   Although the water purifier to join unlimited potential, but not necessarily as long as water purification products is very easy to sell. In the minds of consumers tend to trust well-known brands, because the brand is to protect the quality and reputation. But the water purification industry, the real strength of a handful of water purifier brand, a lot of bad business sectors spoiler, spending money in foreign countries or Hong Kong registered a brand, then packaged with an attractive low-cost water purifier investment policy Fudge people, the initial fee down to consumer fraud, so you pay the initial fee, manufacturers disappeared without a trace, entrepreneurs complaints can defend the rights and interests of difficulty. There are some no-name water purifier though not a liar, but because of an unknown brand, product quality is difficult to be guaranteed, there is no market consumer word of mouth, big investment risk, the latter once the market is facing reshuffle, small brands is difficult to gain a firm foothold in the market, easy appearance is cleared, once this happens, the entrepreneur your effort will go down the drain, not worth the candle!

   Second, posing as imported foreign brands, raising the water purifier getting goods prices

   the current water purifier market potential, many unscrupulous merchants to trade in counterfeit foreign brands fishing gold fool the public, obviously is the small unknown brand, but will take a foreign name brands and forged into a European Water Group joint venture brands, Britain, France, Germany, a brand to their gild, shoddy products, but is trying to fake foreign brand to drive up the price of the product delivery flicker entrepreneurs. Once investors choose such a brand, high-priced stock in the water purifier to join, but back to the terminal market only to find that the people of your so-called "import water purifier" is not cold, even selling prices of goods, consumers I do not necessarily buy it. By this time, you can only complain incessantly looking for manufacturers to return, but they could easily return to where you are, eventually you can chew teeth pharynx to the stomach. in factFor water purifiers completely unnecessary xenophilia, in fact, with domestic water purifiers and drinking water quality in line with Chinese habits.

   Third, the scale of the manufacturers lack of strength, support policies being impractical

   Many investors when choosing a water purifier manufacturers, tend to ignore the importance of the strength of the scale of the manufacturers. Small workshop production of the manufacturers due to their own lack of strength, they tend to look for other brands do OEM manufacturing, product quality is difficult to guarantee. In addition, manufacturers support and after-sales support is a water purifier market in the late agent franchisee Kaijiangtuotu protection, large efforts to support the brand can help agents respond to market risk, but some unscrupulous businessmen filled the promised time to talk about cooperation, what support I promise you, once they found nothing to support cooperation at all. Another problem to worry about is the lack of strength of the water purifier manufacturers in the fierce competition in the market it is easy to collapse, so, your water purifier to join the road to riches is estimated will die halfway up.

   Merchants water purifier manufacturers Which is good, water purifier which brand to join the agency to investigate water purifier manufacturers should pay attention to what the problem? In general, you want to brand recognition, scale manufacturers, manufacturers of brand authenticity and support four policy directions as the starting point. Can multi-brand online search-related information, to understand consumer evaluation of word of mouth, marketing efforts to scale manufacturers, support policies, so as to learn more about the overall strength of the brand, of course, the best way is to examine the strength of the manufacturers. Select the appropriate water purifier manufacturers, water purification industry behind one hundred billion market, who can accurately grasp the opportunity, seize opportunities, who can become the lucky ones wealth.

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