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bottled water we easiest way is to see the label, the label if above you identified is a reference to the natural pure water, we have just said, we have national standards, there are three categories, is packaged water in terms of three categories. One is pure water, and then a drinking water purification.


look at the label to know what the implementation of the standards is that if you perform standard is GB17324 GB17323 or this is certainly pure drinking water. If the 37 is definitely drinking natural mineral water, this is one aspect, to see the implementation of standards.


and some water is no national standard, it exceeds the national standard range, it may be the beginning QB, QB, says business is standard, as well as DB belongs to local standards, it is standard to look good, it is What starts, is the QB, or DB, or GB, GB is the national standard, this is the first to look at.


to see if there is no list of ingredients, the list of ingredients if there is, it shows that it is blending out, for example, we now see the kind of market is called alkaline water, we all think it is a weak base nature, have to buy it. It is added to sodium bicarbonate blending out with pure water, its still not high PH our tap water PH.


Beijing tap water PH is 7.6, it is also a little more than seven points, so it is also called alkaline water, but you have a list of ingredients to see if it is satisfied that the hydro-oxidation of water, and if we are natural mineral water which does not exist list of ingredients, it is inside will give you how much sodium containing labeled, contain much potassium, PH is how much, and how much total dissolved solids, it is such a mark. So a look at this you know what you buy water, but overall, the market to buy such a small package of this water, are all beverages category. Beverage category are thirsty you can drink, what you can drink the water, because it is a casual drink, for the purchase of large buckets of water, we must be careful, because the big bucket of water as we live, we are to cook, to we tea, give us a lot of water time.


this choice, we must pay attention, we try to choose natural mineral water first, second relatively clean water to a number of, for example, you can choose some clean, pure water a little bit, but for pure water not suitable for children and the elderly, where it little attention to it.


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