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   beginning of this year, almost all of the water purifier business is not open around a topic, and that is investment. However, it has rarely been more important investment than the importance of the association thing, that is "to support business." In recent years, many companies in the investment channels took a lot of energy, it can be described as your Changba me play. Therefore, in 2016, opened up the "battlefield" at the same time, enterprises should safeguard and old customers with excellent quality to attract more consumers.

   First, to achieve win-win situation in order to make long-term brand development

   dealers is the lifeblood of business development, because it is directly with consumers who face. Dealers as a bridge between businesses and consumers, the better the flow above the "bridge", load-bearing capacity is better. This requires water purifier companies usually communicate with the dealer, especially in the current market conditions very difficult times should protect their own dealers, achieve win-win situation in order to make long-term brand development.

   At present the traditional mode of circulation water purifier industry as "manufacturers - dealers - consumers", that consumers can only passively buy goods manufacturers, and manufacturers can not keep track of specific consumer demand. Especially now entered the era of the Internet, manufacturers can completely understand what consumers need to establish a platform to communicate with consumers in order to come out in the era of oversupply, we should clarify the actual consumer demand for goods , thus contributing to the development of upstream suppliers manufacturing marketable products to market. There are many home business began to design their own flagship store shopping site or in cooperation with the portal type vertical sites, and to cut dealers, factory direct to customers. This avoids miscommunication links in the content, but also allows manufacturers to directly understand what consumers want.

   Second, the purpose is to engage in large-scale activities to attract customers

   industry has a very classic saying "engaged in activities is to court death, not to engage in activity that is waiting to die." Now, many companies get a large event, but in fact, the purpose is to engage in large-scale activities to attract customers, build brand, not to make money, with customers in order to take the next step, or are empty. Indeed, such an approach will only lead to a vicious water purifier enterprise competition in the industry.

   Today, the water purification industry has entered a low-profit era, the concept of consumption gradually mature. When consumers become market-oriented, down to earth business is better to sharpen their own, creating their own strength, byProduct to prove himself.

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