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   Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration has issued a document, an emergency halt of ordinary soda-lime glass, glass so that it can in the end there is poison on a detailed look?.




the kind of lives we will be in contact with the glass more, the role of different glass produced will be different. But recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency brake that ordinary glass packaging, packaging defects, will directly affect the use of glass, so many people will be more worried about the use of glass will be subject to certain impact? 2020-06-04, as we explain in detail the family drinking little knowledge, we look at a soda-lime glass toxic it!


under the premise of understanding soda-lime glass, we first to understand what that change is glass, soda lime glass is mainly one of silicate glass, consists essentially of silica, calcium oxide and sodium oxide and other components. The conventional flat glass, bottles, cans, light bulbs. Sodium oxide increases the thermal expansion coefficient of glass, lower the thermal stability, chemical stability and mechanical strength of the glass, it can not be introduced to excess proportion, typically no more than 18%. Usually in the production of glass is introduced in a manner soda ash, sodium oxide. The main role of calcium oxide in the glass to increase the chemical stability and mechanical strength of the glass, but higher levels, tends to make the crystallized glass is increased, and the brittle glass. Usually the content of calcium oxide in the glass does not exceed 12.5%. Typically introduced by calcite, limestone, chalk, precipitated calcium carbonate and other raw materials.


so that the glass in the end there is no toxicity? The answer is non-toxic, because the main ingredient is silica, calcium silicate, sodium silicate melt, daily use made of it is currently on the market safer products. When using glass, we need to note that the glass is relatively hard, brittle and will compare the strength is not very high, thermal performance will be relatively poor, so when the soda-lime glass, first pour a little hot water, then rinse rinse bottle, then pour hot water.


than we are talking about knowledge soda-lime glass, the glass is applied more widely, but the glass of course we also need to pay attention, here to remind you, glasses thermal conductivity will be relatively poor, so drink hot water, The best is to let the cup to adapt to the heat, and then we pour hot water, so that the glass can be transparent to think with hot water, a cup just burst performance does not appear. No matter how long the glass, we all need to be cleaned in time to avoid the formation of some dirt on the glass.




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