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   HC clean water network in 2019, unprecedented global economic fluctuations. By 2020, the epidemic "Black Swan" Let the uncertainties become the norm. For global companies, while biggest challenges and uncertainties coexistence, evolving to find new growth space. White goods once filled with marketing-oriented, guide channels, price competition in the field of air conditioning was also rampant, but when the appliance industry has entered a stage from the stock of fissile incremental stages of development, competitive focus began to shift to occur.

   In particular epidemic health function allows users to health class appliances, household electrical appliances more concerned about the direction of the electric field of white competition is more obvious to the user-oriented products and product upgrading, functional innovation of new technologies, marketing scene way would be to use a more dazzling burst of sparks. From the Annual Report 2019 released by each household electrical appliance enterprises also glimpse, for the generous corporate R & D investment of around industry competing technologies and products will evolve to a new level.

   R & D investment continued to grow

   as a giant one hundred billion, the US group in 2019 to withstand the pressure, contrarian growth, further reinforce the business foundation, business data continue to improve. In order to support the transformation products as the core, it is fast fission rate each business unit under the startling beauty, which is behind the United States R & D investment in bold. 2019 US R & D investment more than 9.638 billion yuan, an increase of 15.05 percent, more than 1.3 million R & D personnel, foreign experts reached 500 people, 11 countries, including China, has 28 research centers in Shanghai, the United States, Germany and Japan to build four integrated technology research and development center, and gradually form a "4 + 2" global R & D network and multi-level R & D system.

   Gree R & D personnel in 2018, following an increase of 28.98 percent, an increase of 20.69 percent again in 2019, however, the amount of R & D investment 6.011 billion yuan, compared with 17.30% decrease in 2018 billion yuan. Gree adhere to uphold the principle of innovation is driven by consumer demand as the standard, adhere to the research and development expenses "on-demand investment, no limit," so we see the focus from 2019 Gree air supply comfort, heating comfortAdaptive, healthy air, intelligent interaction aspects of innovation and upgrading technologies and products, developed a new air conditioning, AI voice air conditioning, constant warm defrosting air conditioning, air conditioning and other new high-end art, to solve customer pain points, enhance the user experience.

   In the case of the domestic appliance industry overall decline in net revenues is still double the growth of the Haier intellectual home, the scene in terms of health ecology, globalization, and other high-end build a strong competitive edge. 2019 Haier Chi house R & D expenses 6.267 billion yuan, an increase of 22.77% compared to 2018, in the report, pointed out that Haier wisdom home, until now the company in the global total of 5.3 million patent applications, of which 3.3 million items invention patent, accounting for more than 60% of Chinas home appliance industry first.

   in the hundreds of billions of leading home appliance enterprises and even tens of billions of R & D costs, although the mainstream home appliance business research and development costs are relatively low compared to the amount, but still maintained a sustained growth. Hisense home appliances in 2019 research and development costs 934 million yuan, an increase of 36.06 percent year on year, this bears out Hisense "established enterprise technology" development strategy from the side, the reporting period, net profit double revenue growth Hisense air conditioning, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Main business in varying degrees of growth.

   Changhong Meiling 2019 research and development expenses increased 42.04%, 3.34 billion yuan in 2019, Changhong and Meiling in technology research, basic research continue to adhere to the core technology upgrade, maintain technological superiority, to expand the field of innovation and technology upgrading, the difference technology breakthroughs, continue to promote the product upgrades. Fresh green M as the introduction of a comprehensive thin refrigerator, improved Meiling refrigerator sales accounted for the million-class product line; air conditioning aspects of intellectual ecosystem of strategic planning steadily, and new energy-efficient products for mass production, using voiceprint recognition technology smart Q5D Guiji market.

   a glimpse of the future from the crisis

   Almost all of the appliances listed companies have affirmed the contribution to the enterprise product upgrade revenue, net profit growth in its annual report, a quarterly this year, while in 2020 the vast majority of most of the performance of household electrical appliance enterprises fell under the shadow of the epidemic this phenomenon is not surprising. Gree said the impact of new coronavirus pneumonia, may result in macroeconomic or consumer demand growth is slowing down trend, the company is in the home appliance market growth will also slow down. A US groups quarterly expressed the same meaning, influenced by early 2020 the new crown pneumonia epidemic, resulting in domestic consumptionAnd production in the short term will be affected.

   but if not this epidemic, the slowdown in consumer electronics market will not suddenly speed winds. In fact, the impact of the epidemic on sales, revenue is not fundamental, especially in the field of major appliances already saturated, the epidemic is only magnified the stock market brutal competition. But the market after the outbreak also reflects the user to further enhance product features, product upgrades in the industry, intense competition development functions.

   According to the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Joint National Household Appliances Industry Information Center released the "2019 Annual Report of Chinas home appliance industry," from the size of the market, the traditional home appliances category collective growth is slowing, but still new class maintain growth, high-end, intelligent and healthy is still the main features of the upgrading and development of products. In addition, the epidemic further strengthen the washing machine consumer demand for health appliances such as air purifiers and air system, with disinfection care function, focusing on sterilization function dishwasher, oven and other appliances, will usher more attention.

   In the report of the leading home appliance enterprises also fully demonstrated the expected future product upgrades. US group said in its annual report, medium and long term, upgrading the industrial structure, stable income, consumption diversification, as well as national policy for green, smart appliances and industrial development to guide the industry to upgrade product standards, have brought new opportunities for points and growth. In 2020, the US group business focus in continuing to "increase R & D investment" in the first place, the top two investment focus is technological innovation and quality improvement, continue to build a comprehensive product leadership ability.

   Gree in its annual report pointed out that with the consumer to upgrade to accelerate the process, the consumer brand recognition and product quality put forward higher requirements for air conditioning energy efficiency, comfort, a higher intelligence standard, the demand for high quality of life strong. Therefore, the focus in 2020 Gree Electric Appliances, clearly continue to increase the life of electrical appliances, refrigerator, washing machine, intelligence equipment and other new business segment R & D investment, greater technical fees jump.

   Haier Chi house is in its annual report, the new crown epidemic although some suppression of demand for appliances in the short term, but because of consumer appliances are rigid demand, limited long-term impact is expected to exhibit low to high before the industry during the year trend. At the same time, the epidemic will further gave birth to a healthy, intelligent home appliances category demand.

   [12After 3] every outbreak or security crisis, consumer spending will usher in the concept of an upgrade, SARS, etc. melamine incident, the health and quality products bring increased sales. Especially after 90, 80 after the main consumer markets, which are reshaping consumer consumption being the main idea. Crisis is a good thing, because a crisis often present opportunities. Business research consumer behavior and demand, consumer health products category will devote more attention, household electrical appliance enterprises also drive the development of new products to further stimulate consumption, a new competitive force on the product after the era epidemic has Kasai.

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