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   HC network or clean water because of water pollution is more serious reasons, water purifiers and now It has been listed as one of the essential home appliances. More and more families are beginning to install water purifiers, like every household need to install air conditioning as popular. For users with a certain degree of knowledge of water purifiers, they all know that water purifier filter water purifier is the core component. They know the role of each filter water purifier inside, knowing that if poor water quality, to install a front. But for more water purifiers white users, they do not understand water purifiers, they only know to install a water filter, and then take a cup to drink water. So here I am and everyone chat filter water purifier. So that we can filter water purifier has a basic knowledge of popularity.

   First, many consumers they ask a question most of which is inside the water purifier water purifier filter is best? So here I give them the knowledge of some popular white water filter cartridge. Water purifier inside the cartridge is usually divided into these categories. PP has a simple cotton filter, granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter compression, resin filter, integrated fiber filter, a reverse osmosis membrane cartridge ro, post silver carbon filter, mineralization filter. Each type has its own his role, there is a plurality of water purification filter in combination as a mixture.

   PP cotton filter to remove larger than 5 microns in diameter or more visible harmful substances. Granular activated carbon filter into filter according coconut shell activated carbon filter, activated carbon shell and coal type. Activated carbon filters are the best of Southeast Asia imported coconut shell activated carbon, its strong adsorption capacity, filtering harmful organic chemicals, but also the cleanest. Activated carbon is mainly used to adsorb harmful substances in the water inside the organic chemical, pesticide residues, such as industrial waste water pollution. Such as chlorine. Compressed activated carbon filter, coconut shell activated carbon filters are similar, but it is more accurate than the activated carbon filter. There are some chemical harmful substances, especially due to the accuracy of the tiny, coconut shell activated carbon filter can not, then the greater the need for compressed activated carbon to remove.

   ro reverse osmosis membrane, its filtration accuracy is 0.0001 micron. Ro subjected to reverse osmosis membrane filtered water is very pureNet. It can be directly used to do with drinking water. A reverse osmosis water purification unit is mounted on the market ro film, it is pure water, is possible to drink straight. RO reverse osmosis filter module His accuracy is very high, which is the high cost of a water purifier filter, a reverse osmosis ro membrane filter imports, need more than the price of 300 dollars. Ro reverse osmosis membrane is between his normal life in two to three years. According to the size of 75 gallons of water and 400 gallons. Behind 75 gallons of reverse osmosis water purifier he will install water storage tanks, also known as or called a pressure tank. Because its a large amount of water is not enough, so he put water into the water storage tank inside the manufactured good save up when needed there is water. 400 gallons ro reverse osmosis membrane, it is a relatively large amount of water, it can be directly connected to a cup of water, he does not need with the outlet pipe. Of course, the greater the amount of water, the higher its price reverse osmosis membrane ro. Import 400 gallons of reverse osmosis ro membrane filter, the price of getting goods to market needs around 500 dollars.

   After the reverse osmosis membrane directly out of the drinking water standards, although reached. But the taste is not very good. Therefore, the above water purification installation of additional filter, called a post-carbon filter containing silver. This filter its main role is to improve the taste, so drink more water. Rear silver carbon filter which added mineral rock, stone or other energy stone. These stones can also increase the water inside the minerals, but also improve the taste. The filter its life in about a year or so.

   every one filter it has its working life. In general, PP cotton can be used 2 to 3 months, coconut shell activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, it is the life of nine months, ro reverse osmosis membrane filter, it is the life of two to three years after activated carbon filter and then is set, for its use is 12 to 15 months. Of course, in some places the water quality is not good, more or contaminated water, so it is best installed before installing a water purifier front, on the one hand to protect water purifier filter, on the other hand is also very good for water purification. If not directly connected to the water purifier inside, then the time will be shortened a lot of used cartridges.

   Once the water filter cartridge is blocked, to need to be replaced once the need to be replaced. For example PP cotton if not replaced, its lower one filter, activated carbon will soon turn blocked, if not timely replacement of the activated carbon is blocked,Ro behind the reverse osmosis membrane cartridge is quickly clogged. A filter cartridge that is higher than a cost price. PP cotton will take a 3-5 dollars, but if penetration ro membrane filter was blocked words. Cost is 300 to 500 dollars, its cost price is relatively very high.

   In addition to most people, they have a misunderstanding, I feel that the more water filter cartridges, the better the filter out of the water. This question has a number of users are white water purifier. From the above it is feeling, that filter water purifier 9 is certainly more clean filter cartridge than three. But if the water a little bit of common sense to people who would not think so.

   I have seen an example of this, I have seen nine filtered water purifiers, water purifiers the opening of the lid, the inside is filled up, all the filter. A row of three rows of three rows.

   In fact out of the water purifier filter water purifier water effects and the number of filters, it does not matter, the more water filter cartridge can not explain what the problem.

   inside the water purifier 6 or 9 filtration, he is Energy Water. Ro there will be no reverse osmosis membrane. That filtered out of the water is not able to drink directly. Generally speaking filtered out of the water, called mineral water, can be used to make tea, can be used for domestic water, but can not be used to directly drink.

   As best water purifier using many stages, this is in general determined according to the water quality. If the local water quality is good, the general use of three filter water purifier can, so if the water quality is generally only recommended five filter water purifier.

   water purification filter used mainly PP cotton filter, KDF filter, ceramic filter, activated carbon filter, a resin filter composed of several categories, in the multi-stage water purification filter in order to PP cotton + activated carbon film + + + RO membrane post filter such as activated carbon in the form of 4-5 up, this type of water purifier widely users. Different Chinese north-south water quality, consumers living in different regions should first be considered in the case of local water quality, to select the appropriate water purifier filter, through guidance in conjunction with local businesses, the timely replacement, to ensure healthy drinking water.


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