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   In December last year, Suning wisdom retail development strategy started, started the integration of online and offline, "the ultimate battle." Today, on the occasion of the first anniversary of a time when, Suning wisdom of the transcripts retail development is gradually released. Since 2018, Suning sales volume up 38%, including 68% growth in online; as of November 30, the total number of retail stores to 10,016 wisdom, added more than 6000; the scale of service users over 600 million; area of 鈥嬧€媗ogistics 8.7 million square meters, the new 1.7 million square meters.

   The rapid expansion of the trend is also directly reflected in the Suning Tescos earnings. In the domestic market, weaker consumer environment, Suning Tesco achieved far more than the national average growth. January to September this year, Suning Tesco operating income of 172.97 billion yuan, up 31.15 percent; to achieve net profit of 6.127 billion yuan owned by the parent, an increase of 812.11%.

   In addition to the "bright blind" data, Suning wisdom retail ecosystem are rapidly expanding. According to incomplete statistics, according to public information in order, Suning the last three years totaled nearly 30 investment projects with a total investment amount of clear disclosure reach 86 billion yuan, total investment may exceed 90 billion yuan. Since only this year, Suning amount of foreign investment to more than 24 billion, the layout in the field of commercial retail, Internet technology, financial investment, business investment Wanda, Shang Tang science and technology, and other companies, including Huatai Securities.

   Recently, Suning Tesco said it would further expand the strength of foreign investment, the company preferred strategic partner to the capital as a link, to further strengthen inter-enterprise business, industry collaboration, enhance the companys core competitiveness. Industry insiders pointed out that with Suning layout of the countrys retail network formation wisdom, build and expand its ecosystem is "ripe" thing. This will not only be able to expand Suning touch up the consumer scene, enhance the user experience better "customer" as the center of operations and innovation; and for the portfolio companies, the wisdom in Suning retail ecosystem energized, You can gain more energy.


   Suning ecosystem continues to expand in the

   Throughout Suning foreign investment, all based on the "user" layout for the center. In other words, all consumers need, and in accordance with the present stage development strategy, Suning will to fightAnd incorporate them into their wisdom retail ecosystem.

   For example, the rapid growth of the domestic sports industry, the huge market demand. At present, the Pan-sports fans has reached 600 million, of which 300 million football fans groups. Suning investment in sports that meet the needs of this part of the sports enthusiasts, but also to expand the brand influence, ultimately feeding the main retail business.

   With the accelerated pace of life, consumers timeliness requirements of online shopping is increasing. In recent years, Suning has been to increase investment in the field of logistics, acquisition of daily express delivery aspects to further improve the ability of small pieces. Today, Suning logistics and distribution capabilities can already achieve minute class.

   In fact, with two-channel full-format layout Suning molding, innovation cooperation of different industries ecological circle more and more, the industry themselves.

   December 1, Suning to build the fitness room on the first INTERFIT intelligent opened in Nanjing. INTERFIT smart fitness room is a blend of O2O no wisdom gym online and offline, it is following the group format in line Suning store basis, set fitness, shopping and leisure in one. In addition, INTERFIT smart fitness room on renovation also particularly strong join Inter elements attracted many loyal fans. During the

   double 11 this year, Suning logistics once again to refresh the user perception of speed of delivery. Among them, Suning chain store orders jumped 10 times daily, but has a huge advantage at the line, Suning store delivery time is approaching "rocket speed", online orders during the "double 11" real-time delivery service, The average delivery time of only 18 minutes.

   can look forward to, as Suning "customer" as the center of the territory to expand investment, intellectual richness of its retail ecosystem will also be getting higher and higher. And its ultimate goal is to meet at any time, any place, any service needs of consumers.

   wisdom enabling cooperative retail business growth

   through bond investments, Suning to expand the boundaries of wisdom retail ecosystem to meet the shopping needs of users; and for enterprises to be invested, the Suning wisdom retail model of empowerment, but also accelerates their growth.

   to Freaky help and Suning depth cooperation in the electricity business level, for example. In cooperation with the help of hot mom, Suning red childrens mother to give electricity providersFreaky help support a full range of content sector, and in the flow of import support Suning, Freaky help also grown into a huge user community maternal body mass electricity supplier. High viscosity active users, has become the hot mom to help the survival of large data traffic lifeline.

   and in touch with Suning Suning retail banking business most closely, it has emerged as the industrys well-known "unicorn." Suning relying on mass consumption scenario and transaction data, Suning finance rapid growth. January to September this year, Suning ecological circle of supply chain finance a total deal size increased by 43.63%. Unicorn in Greater China Index Ranking Report Research Institute latest quarter, Suning financial valuation of more than 30 billion yuan, among the best.

   and in addition to the invested enterprise, Su Ning, Chinas largest full-channel retailers, their intellectual strength Fu retail model external output capacity, large between positive and by tens of thousands of Internet stores nationwide distribution, industry scale cooperation has been witnessed.

   at retail stores Suning flagship cloud market towns as an example. This year, the cloud Suning retail franchise stores not only the rapid development, it is also innovative cooperation model iteration, the birth of a growing number of "new species."

   At present, in addition to household appliances, 3C and other fields have the traditional advantage of Suning, retail franchise cloud also expanded the category of electric cars and home category. Recently, the countrys first cloud Suning retail home cooperation with Suning Tescos selection of Gu store opened. Appliances, 3C and home and other categories by both the supply chain and marketing energized historic collection together, the consumer into the store and enjoy home appliances, home and other one-stop shopping.

   In December last year, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holdings wisdom on retail development strategy conference, said, "I hope that with our partners to achieve ecological strategic level of cooperation, rather than to a city of pros and cons of a pool." Today, Suning wisdom retail ecosystem growing prosperity, Suning is constantly pushing the boundaries of its retail business, the next false start new competitive tracks retail.

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