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   four sets of new consumption patterns Central Television reported, Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Davos speak share in the economic capital as well as the first consumer forum, consumer business model let off some fan wave, such as online search everywhere O2O mall proposed consumer business mode, consumer business shopping center opening, "Internet + consumer business help, and similar consumer business coming era propaganda. after seeing this new mode of consumption develop profitable, some people will inevitably feel the blood flowing golden opportunity to make money come, think finally get rid of new marketing channels to break the traditional marketing.

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   What is the consumer business? consumer business is a well-known economist Liu Maocai and Pangbo Fu proposed, defined on Baidu Encyclopedia they are: consumer and business consumer group business people simply speaking, life on the localization of e-commerce, they are both consumers and the consumer side is able to inspire and bring people to the consumers consumer business is a new marketing opportunity. doctrine, he gave to others not only a product but also the opportunity of leading a "flower would have on the money spent, earn less money would have earned", bringing a new profit distribution rules do not require large investments no employees do not need to manage, is a business entity of zero risk. just doing one kind of (money + money) disseminator of opportunities is not responsible for the specific management of financial freedom is the best operator. brought is a consumer revolution, so that consumers are also involved in the distribution of profits, so that more people become consumer business, more rational allocation.

   suppose you bought a water purifier, a friend to a guest house feel drunk well, you asked where to buy, he also wanted to buy a set, you will share the link to her, in this relationship where you have to guide the consumer, but did not produce guide value, so you just sharer. If you bought a water purifier, share to colleagues, friends after confirming the purchase, you can get to the business of the commission, this time you will not just share who you are or consumer business. in the consumer business mode, the user has spending power also has the ability to guide consumption, while the boot capacity can be realized consumption. this is a product of shared economic future consumer business will be more frequent in our lives in various fields, food, clothing, shelter, OK, they may encounter a sense, there is the consumers saved us a lot of time cost, because they are biological tried the product or service you need, objective and real evaluation will make a good product continue HealthDeposit, the difference being eliminated.

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   water industry profit margins, there is a vast reservoir of wealth, with numerous business opportunities. Avatar it: After you purchase a water purifier in love Guy Lynx flagship store will become a consumer business, after becoming consumer business after you will enjoy great discounts on shopping platform, and you will get your own it kind of behavior preferential share to the people around you, when they need to purchase the product, as long as the purchase on love Guy water purifier Lynx flagship store, you can also enjoy great benefits, but also give you some incentives love Seoul good water purifier is mainly dependent on consumer business model, the core advantage: love Guy water purifiers through the "three networks and a shop" PC side, the phone side, the lower end of the micro-channel marketing model plus full-line stores, the layout of the various provinces, cities, counties, the network spread all over the national market, a city network, city distribution, city services, so that consumers get real benefits, easily start. Omit the product in circulation agent link layers of fees; both to ensure product quality and after-sales, but also to restore the true price of the product, so that consumers get real benefits value for money, love Guy platform selling price of the product, are below the market price, the headquarters out product profit faiths, in order to save money + money consumer business philosophy, to encourage public entrepreneurship and innovation. It is foreseeable that in the near future, consumer business will be a very promising career, will be a large number of rich achievement.

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