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   and after a month-long collection and screening, April 10, 2015, 2015, "Chinas top ten water purifier brand" selected activities into the micro-channel voting phase. The majority of users, consumers, experts, and concerned about the development of Chinas water purification industry insiders can focus on the official micro letter to vote.



   The current selection in a micro-channel voting recommendation is based on data, combined with information about the company, media reports, a comprehensive evaluation of research institutions, and strive for Chinas water purification industry selected the the most authoritative brand list.

   the development of water purification industry matures, many attracted wide focus groups, the intensity of competition between brands has thus entered the white-hot state. As a new water purifier industry has developed rapidly in recent years, its market demand is large, so the obvious advantage of market prospects, venture capital by many people of all ages.

   whether the well-known brands ahead? Can a rising star and was selected? China water purifier Net 2015, "Chinese water purifiers top ten brands," We will present a selection of Aspect full of water purifier brand one hundred war.

   voting phase from April 10, 2015 - ended May 30, 2015, which lasted 50 days, the largest number of votes will be ranked in the selection of brand logo shows the front page position. Brand more high ranking, will get more attention. A micro-channel account daily limit cast five votes, is strictly prohibited brush votes, once discovered, will be disqualified!


   During the vote, the Chinese water purifier net will be full report to you voting date. Beat race, Who? Micro-channel voting officially launched, welcome attention to the Chinese water purifier official micro-channel voting page to cast your valuable vote

   Activities voting time:! Ended April 10, 2015 to May 30, 2015.

   Vote micro-channel public number: wwwjsq001com

   Vote inquiry website: http: //top10.jsq001.com

   event organizers: China Water Purifier network

   [ 123] activities hotline: 400-966-0563

   customer Service activities QQ: 23321820/23321821

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