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   At this environment, the Earths fresh water resources, water resources account for only 0.77%, which is quite scary. Now, however, pollution is very serious, it took todays Beijing, pm value has burst table, and air pollution also led the way water resources, a vicious cycle. How to drink safe water? So we need Smith water purifier brand of help.


   A.O. Smith is well-known US brand. ao Smith water purifier is A.O. Smith company in R & D and product testing early water system, water quality in China for long-term research and innovation in line with Chinas household water purification equipment. AO Smith Corporation in the United States, South Carolina Mack Water System Product Engineering Center ratios, Smith water purifier to provide advanced water purification technologies and standards in the United States Smith household water purification machines, domestic security as the source of water purifiers like people foes know, in the field of water purification because of regional differences, different water quality in different regions, so the water purification technology also each have their own advantages.

   Smith water purifier for all to drink safe water

   1, LED computer screen

   display contents of water, full of water, lack of water three cases , will be bright lights of different colors on the LED screen tells you information (flashing green - of water, green - full of water, and bright red flashing alarm - water).

   2, intelligent multi-stage filter replacement tips

   "" represent digital filter levels, green means normal; orange color indicates the remaining life of the cartridge 5%, the alarm 7 sound, alarm once after 24 hours; red 0% represents the remaining life of the cartridge, the cartridge needs to be replaced, this time, as long as water (of water), the alarm.

   3, the service inquiry

   based on water quality, by QS smart butler, filter life optimization settings, to ensure efficiency.

   Smith water purification products for all to drink safe water

   4, leakage protection

   leakage protection is installed at the bottom of the cabinet, when the sensed leaking, leaking protection bottom sponge expansion machine automatic water; flashing display by the alarm sound.

   understand A.O. Smith water purifier brand details, please click on A.O.鍙插瘑鏂噣姘村櫒

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