Way always want to come out of the ruptured well andnti-puri

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   With the advent of the winter solstice, the beginning means "coldest day". Although "days with daily reminders of personnel, raw winter solstice sun spring again," winter comes, can spring be far behind? But before winter, or to go through the long winter. Not only do we need to keep warm, water purifiers, water pipes also need to keep warm.



   With the weather getting colder, water pipes freezing, thawing become residential water event. Take a look at what the experts have to recruit children to support cold insulation.

   to keep warm

   water purifier installed indoors as much as possible, if you have installed outdoors, should pay attention to purchase "clothes" for the water purifier oh. Indoor or outdoor faucet exposed pipes can be wrapped with cotton fabric or rope.

   to increase the frequency of water can freeze

   winter cold insulation of heavy water facility at thawing, freezing water pipes how to experts, first of all to shut doors and windows, especially on the north side, keep the indoor temperature;? Cold frozen before the checklist tank, holding tank dry, put some wood chips, straw antifreeze; increased water frequency can also be effective to prevent freezing; have been frozen on water, tap water, may take the towel, pour hot water, etc. thawing, not pouring boiling water, or tap out roasted with a metal instrument.

   To thaw pipes ripstop

   in case water pipes freeze, how to thaw? Experts, can be dissolved in hot water, frozen water pipes for hot water thrown (the temperature should be a little higher), especially the elbow, until dissolved. Baking dissolution method may also be employed, such as frozen water pipe is galvanized steel, hair dryer, etc. can be used for water pipe baked. Baking should be back and forth, not long-term baking at one point, otherwise the water pipe rupture. But remember aluminum pipe, pvc pipe can not do.

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